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What can I expect from a PS4 Headset?

Discussion in 'Video Games Discussion' started by Drawingsmiles, Dec 18, 2017.
  1. Drawingsmiles
    Hi everybody!

    i am a very happy owner of a pair of Superlux HD681 for my ps4, which still works fine, with the dream of the Beyer DT990 and mixamp.
    BUT, i am willing to invest the same money into a pair of wireless headphones, because when i am watching films, having the controller connected is sometimes a problem.

    So, even if the pure-audio logic told me to go for the RS 175, i will likely end up buying a wabbadubba sparkly Razer Thresher, because i am not a fan of rigid bands for long periods of gaming, and the microphone included is a nice pro, so for the budget (180$) and the different requirements that i was looking for, they were the best tradeoff.

    That said, i know that i'll probably regret my choice and return them, but i was curious to know which are the main drawbacks and differences in terms of sound quality and detail, frequency range and overall experience between the said gaming headset (or any other), the RS175 and the DT990 (or the K702 etc).

    Thank you everyone for the attention and any response!
    Last edited: Dec 18, 2017
  2. Vilhelm
    I think anything-Razer is gonna be miles behind in SQ compared to the DT990. While I have no experience with the exact mentioned headset I have used some Razer headsets and I think they are decent entry-level gear for gaming but can't compare to the Beyers in SQ.
  3. Drawingsmiles
    I ve ended picking up the rs 175 for a test drive, and they are astonishing. I have littlr knowledge about audio quality but i was really impressed.
    The dt 990 will be the next one as soon as i will be ready to go wired again ( and probably when i will use more frequently the pc for gaming, being able to connect them to an ampli)
  4. blackdragon87
    Have had the playstation platinum headset for awhile. Do not like it, gets too hot and sweaty for me. might consider getting a new one. Or maybe i just prefer not using any when i game lol

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