What Are You Listening To Right Now?
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Their debut album was called Employment wasn’t it, not Entertainment?
Yes, it sure is, and thanks for the correction, Miss Mandy - I was having 'Gang of Four' on the brain!!
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Yes, it sure is, and thanks for the correction, Miss Mandy - I was having 'Gang of Four' on the brain!!

No worries. Employment is a great album, but I was worried there was an earlier album I didn’t know about! I haven’t listened to the Chiefs for ages so I know which CD I’ll be sticking on in the car tomorrow !:ksc75smile:
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Just running my Clear's through me new-to-me very used Lehmann Audio Linear amp.
Several albums in, this came up.

This and "Tell 'Em What Your Name Is!" Are just a TON of fun!! :L3000:
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Laurie Anderson - Big Science


Nash The Slash - Children Of The Night


The Honeycombs - Have I The Right: The Complete 60s Albums & Singles
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Laurie Anderson's "Big Scinece" was an important album in my music development. I was puttering about on a Friday night when the video for "O Superman" came on an alernate video show called "Night Flight". While we were one of the homes that had MTV early, just after launch. Night Flight tended to play stuff MTV would not play. Berlin's "Sex (I'm a)" was another band making synth pop awesomeness while Laurie was avant-garde and very cool for an art/theater kind of kid like me. I ended up with a minor in tech theater in college. Anyway, I went to the mall the next day to get the CD only to find they did not have it but did have "Mr. Heartbreak" so I picked that up to hold me over. United States Live went into regular rotation with the college crew.

Anyway I was at my first awards show in the late 80's in NYC - "The TEC Awards" during that years AES convention. I might have been around 19 or 20 at the time and happened to run into Laurie on one of the theaters balconies. She was very soft spoken and very reserved but accepted my "big fan" compliments with grace. Later on at dinner and the awards presentation I found myself at a big round table sitting next to Rupert Neve (designer of famous and legendary recording/mix consoles) and had a nice chat with him and his wife. My friend happened to be sitting next to George Martin who was an idol of his and he tried to stay cool while asking all kinds of questions.

Everyone was very gracious that evening putting up with rather green newbies to the industry.
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