What Are You Listening To Right Now?
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Flogging Molly -- Float
Lenny Kravitz -- It is Time for a Love Revolution
Kate Bush -- Lionheart
The Mothers -- Fillmore East - June 1971
and more stuff
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[size=large]Artist: Eric Bachmann
Album: To the Races[/size]




A master work of songwriter skillz.

Eric is perhaps best known for his peculiar and lovely guitar styles while fronting the old "skitz-rock" outfit known as The Archers of Loaf ...

But after said grouping disbanded ...he decided to focus on much more intimate and heart-felt bits under the moniker of his own name, ... that is ... Eric Bachmann ...

Such is the works mentioned above, and it is very very fine as such personal works go.

Get it. Hear it. Listen to it.

It's a seriously fine and important bit of personal testimony that each and all should experience.


Here's a very low-fi example from YouTube that, despite it's sonic inadequacies ... nonetheless stands as a fine example of the mood I'd hoped to indicate with the above bit of words:


YouTube - Eric Bachmann - 'Man O' War' (HD version)


Do yourself a fav and watch it ...

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Combichrist - Get Out Of My Head


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