What Are You Listening To Right Now?
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What Do You Want From Life?

The Tubes
June 6, 2008
Northern Lights Theater
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GrooveSalad in Shoutcast in Winamp. I'm a cheap date
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Roxy Music


The Best of Roxy Music
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Jack Johnson - Sleep through the Static

A really nice Acoustical CD. I like it very much. Soothing to me. Especially the track Angel. Great stuff.


Originally Posted by DLeeWebb /img/forum/go_quote.gif
How is this album?

In reference to Fort Minor and Mike Shinoda, it's a pretty good Album. It's basically a Rap Album with a bunch of electrical and synth beats and stuff. I'm into R&B and Rap myself, well Music in general except Country. So I really like it. I'm a Linkin Park fan and when Shinoda did this side project, I already knew what to expect. The only songs I don't like is that Cigarette song and the Where'd you go. I found them kinda cheesy. But a good album.

My favorites from that CD is Kenji, Right Now, Feel Like Home and Back Home.

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