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What Are You Listening To Right Now? -New thread, new rules. Please read them.

Discussion in 'Music' started by mbriant, Aug 16, 2007.
  1. fourrobert13
  2. Wes S

    Tidal HiFi > Samsung S10+ > Noble K10U > :ksc75smile:
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  3. FullBright1

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  4. jjpp
    "Tirage au Sort" by The Ever After
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  5. ogarrio
  6. Pro-Jules
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  7. havagr8da
    Qobuz - iPad Pro - WA11 topaz - Aeon 2C


    Tidal - Kann Cube - Moon Audio Bronze Dragon - iSine 20
    Fantastic Production! Great Performance!
    Tidal - Kann Cube - xKaiser 10
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  8. RCBinTN
    Frank Sinatra - In The Wee Small Hours.jpg Frank Sinatra - Come Fly With Me (Mono Version).jpg
    Frank Sinatra - Come Dance With Me!.jpg Frank Sinatra - Sinatra at the Sands.jpg

    Check out his distinct New Jersey accent.

    The three studio albums were released in 1955 - 1959, when Frank was with Capitol Records. Remastered to 24/96.
    The live album was released in 1966 and is uber-fun. Can hear the ice cubes tinkling in the drink glasses.
    All have spectacular musical arrangements but there's no doubt who's in charge here ... what a powerful & sexy voice!
    HD800 -----> :)
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  9. whirlwind

    Wow..that sounds great!
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  10. RickB
    "There She Goes" is the best Beatles' song not written by the Beatles!
  11. Playstation
  12. Pro-Jules
    And is about heroin (great song though)
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  13. havagr8da
    Suprisingly enough my next selection was going to be Billy Idol Cyberpunk. It is coming up though.
    Sadly or not it is what fueled some of the best music ever made.
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  14. BobG55
    IRM / Charlotte Gainsbourg
    All songs written and produced by Beck except "Le Chat Du Café Des Artistes" (written by Jean-Pierre Ferland)

    Heaven can wait [official video]
    Hit song from the album
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  15. bequietjk
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