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What Are You Listening To Right Now? -New thread, new rules. Please read them.

Discussion in 'Music' started by mbriant, Aug 16, 2007.
  1. Passenger11
    Karl Nikolajev, a Russian "biocommunicator" (telepath), that is sitting in a room, trying to "see" which object is lying on a table two floors up.

    In English:
    "This is either a metal, or... if it is a metal, then it's painted... cold surface... This is either a metal, painted, or could be a plastic... Color... Bright... Seems like... perhaps it is a toy. The surface is smooth, but... there are some bumps on it... Even the finger gets stuck in it... Probably it is... some marks, or is this a letter?... Or just a bump... Looks like a toy... Colorful metal, or plastic, painted as a metal... That's all. Stop."

    For a instrumental, ambient, electronic, atmospheric, organic, ethereal deep sound experience...,


    Out of consideration for a Hesher...,

    For Tranquilities Sake...,

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  2. whirlwind
    16/44 Flac > KTE Holo Spring L3 > GOTL > ZMF Atticus
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  3. fourrobert13
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  4. DLeeWebb Contributor
    Bird_Box.jpg 00602547100474-cover-zoom.jpg
  5. Wes S
    Man! With that system, I bet you are standing right there with Joe. That is my dream setup.
  6. FullBright1


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  7. archdawg
  8. biosailor
  9. ogarrio
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  10. taffy2207
  11. whirlwind

    It sounds great, really is a great album!
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  12. BagelJoe
    Unknown-2.jpeg Thanks @whirlwind. Worth the wait to listen to this. Slim is solid
    Unknown.jpeg Soft spot for th e Stray Cats, my daughter liked them back in the day they first arrived
    Unknown-3.jpeg This lady rocks in this live set.
    Unknown-1.jpeg Another Slim treat. I could have listened to this guy for years if I'd known.
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  13. RickB
    The Flaming Lips - King's Mouth: Music And Songs (2019)

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  14. George Taylor
  15. wht
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