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What Are You Listening To Right Now? -New thread, new rules. Please read them.

Discussion in 'Music' started by mbriant, Aug 16, 2007.
  1. TJ Elite
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  2. KopaneDePooj
    70's mood today :wink:

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  3. Whazzzup
  4. fourrobert13
    Pink Floyd - Dark Side of the Moon

    Rainbow - Ritchie Blackmore' Rainbow

    Red Hot Chilli Peppers - The Getaway

    Greta Van Fleet - From the Fires
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  5. Robert Padgett
    Call me boring. I am listening to:

    Cat Stevens, "Teaser and the Firecat", "Catch Bull at Four", "Foreigner", and "Buddha and the Chocolate Box".

    Then I might just switch over to Amazon Music Unlimited and listen to Let's Eat Grandma new album "I am all Ears" (thanks for the tip TheAudiophiliac -- Steve Guttenberg)
  6. George Taylor
    Getting these out of my system. Haven't listened to them for years.
  7. MrTechAgent
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    https://www.instagram.com/kaldasresearch/ http://kaldasresearch.com/
  8. FullBright1



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  9. biosailor
    2C117417-1A28-482C-AF64-5E255C8DF27C.png Maybe Freddie Hubbard‘s funkiest album? Very enjoyable!
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  10. ogarrio
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  11. RCBinTN
    Great blues by the master ... Eric Czar on bass.

    Joe Bonamassa - Tour De Force_ Shepherd's Bush Disc 1.jpg
    Night 2 of the Tour de Force ... electric blues + horns.
    Carmine Rojas bass, Tal Bergman drums. Arlan Schierbaum keyboards. Sublime.

    King King - King King Live - CD 1.jpg
    UK blues/rock band often seen wearing kilts ... don't let that fool you - they can jam.
    HD800 --->:)
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  12. Majestic Eagle
    Rocking SAXON -Princess of the Night .......awesomeness goodness !
  13. George Taylor
    Back in the 80s, I had a album titled Heavy Metal For Breakfast. It had a typical metal-head "eating" cereal, which was nuts & bolts in milk, on the cover. I mention it because Princess of the Night was on it. Along with a bunch of NWoBHM bands I had never heard of.
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  14. Niteblooded

  15. Adu
    Frank Sinatra -Duets
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