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What Are You Listening To Right Now? -New thread, new rules. Please read them.

Discussion in 'Music' started by mbriant, Aug 16, 2007.
  1. timb5881
    Heart Dream Boat Annie
  2. wht

    Alphaville: First Harvest 1984 - 92
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  3. serman005
    Fragile -- Yes

    Pieces of Eight -- Styx

    Leftoverture -- Kansas

    Yessongs -- Yes
  4. Quinto
  5. ogarrio
  6. whirlwind

    44/16 Flac > KTE Holo Spring L3 > Glenn EL3N > ZMF Atticus

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  7. blossom78
    Queens of the Stone Age, Villains. It's a pity that I don't have good audio in the car - it's great music to drive :)
  8. Redcarmoose
  9. DLeeWebb Contributor
    Waterboys_This Is The Sea.jpg Tom-Waits-Bone-Machine-1992-FLAC.jpg
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  10. fourrobert13
    Led Zeppelin - Houses of the Holy, Physical Graffiti, Presence, & In Through the Out Door
  11. whirlwind
    I love the Presence album....great stuff there.
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  12. FullBright1
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  13. Redcarmoose
    Been listening to Zeppelin 1 since 1973.......it’s such a strange thing to never get tired of it? There is still new stuff to note, too?
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  14. RCBinTN
    Thanks for the info! My only album with decent SQ is Houses of the Holy.
    That's a great album, but II is my favorite music. Sadly, it has distortion.
    We lived in West Chester. My company HQ was downtown at 5th and Walnut. Could walk over the highways to Riverfront Stadium.
    Then, the company built a new HQ in Mason. That POed all the folks who lived in Northern KY (where it was less expensive) - their commute became a bitch.
    We always enjoyed Cincinnati Oktoberfest ... prost!

    Marcus Miller - Tutu Revisited Cd2.jpg
    A great re-make of the original album Tutu, with Christian Scott replacing Miles Davis on trumpet.
    HD800 ---> :)
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  15. biosailor
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