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Discussion in 'Music' started by mbriant, Aug 16, 2007.
  1. RCBinTN
    Happy Friday, All.
    Miles Davis - Miles Davis - Tutu.jpg
    Tutu by Miles Davis. 1987 Grammy winner, produced by Marcus Miller. 24/192 FLAC.

    Marcus Miller - Tutu Revisited Cd2.jpg
    The music revisited in 2011. A bit more lively than the original...
    Marcus is in Fine Form here - if you like music!
    GMB - BHA-1 - Wywires Platinum - HD800. Music pitch at A=432Hz.
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  2. BobG55
    HD650 > Kenwood KA-8006 > Teac PD-H600
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  3. leeperry
  4. nordkapp
    apsa1956.jpg Murder_Mayhem_8225132.jpg HENRY_MANCINI_MORE+MUSIC+FROM+PETER+GUNN-476249.jpg
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  5. Buddhahacker
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  6. tiddlywinks

    Trio- 5 Jahre Zuviel
  7. DLeeWebb Contributor
    Elevator To The Gallows.jpg StonesBlueandLonesome.jpg
  8. HumanFly
  9. ogarrio
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  10. Trihexagonal
  11. MrTechAgent
  12. RCBinTN
    Very good - that dude can play!

    JB Live.jpeg
    BDP103D - GMB - BHA-1 - HD800 x2

    Watching the show and listening together.
    The performance is made extra-special by the addition
    of Tina Guo to the band...a classically-trained cellist.

    Happy Listening,
  13. thatscool4sure
    I have Imus in the morning on now. Podcast.
  14. MWSVette
    Listening to a little Jazz and Bossa Nova this morning.


    Great album, very well recorded and engineered...

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  15. George Taylor

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