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What are you listening to _right now_?

Discussion in 'Music' started by ramtha604, Dec 23, 2002.
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  1. tattoou2
    I have had a Joni Mitchell thing going on lately, so my rotation for this weekend includes:

    The Beginning Of Survival
    Cout and Spark
  2. MikoLayer
    Mahoromatic ~Motto Utsukushii Mono~ OST
  3. tiberian
    kanon OST - 約束
  4. Absorbine_Sr Contributor
    Genesis - The Cinema Show

  5. cosmopragma
    Velvet Underground - "Walk on the wild side"
  6. 19lexicon78
    Will Johnston at bora bora closing party ibiza.hhhmmmmm

    especially that girl in the green shirt, see www.dancetrippin.tv
  7. 19lexicon78
    also a good one, dj gee at bora bora

    oooh, i love to be young...
  8. NiceCans Contributor
    @>~>~~ listening to: "Velvet Tongue" by: Virgin Black, from the album entitled: "Elegant and Dying" (2003) ~~<~<@
  9. Spent&Bent
    The Lion King OST... I had it first downloaded as losless but decided to buy the CD to "really own it" because I cannot stop listening to the really fantastic backing vocals and instruments.
    I wish I had seen the musical [​IMG]
  10. tiberian
    rammstein - amerika
  11. nanahachi Contributor
    Smashing Pumpkins - Siamese Dream (flac)
  12. NiceCans Contributor
    @>~>~~ listening to: "Storm" by: "Yoshida Brothers" on Media Center 11 Beta ~~<~<@
  13. Aman
    Pink Floyd - Time (From the Delicate Sounds of Thunder live compilation)
  14. EdipisReks
    Paralyzed - Front Line Assembly
  15. tom hankins
    Timo Maas: "Connected"

    Cary 306/200 > Senn. HEV 70 > Senn. HE 60
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