What are the fiver most important musical experiences of your life?
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Jul 8, 2007
This refers to ALL musical experiences.... such as:
  1. A live concert you went to which will forever remain engrained in your memory
  2. The first time you ever played a guitar and realized that music was part of who you are
  3. The first time you heard Dark Side of the Moon and were moved beyond words
  4. The first time you heard really great headphones

So what are the five most important music experiences of your life and please include a very brief story as to why it was and still is so important to you.
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Hmmm...interesting question:

(1) First time I heard Brahms Lullaby on a music box. I was about 3 - 4, but I remember hiding under the bed in "shame" because the music made me smile and cry at the same time! (And we KNOW, big boys don't cry...

(2) Virgil Fox playing "Toccata and Fugue in D Minor" and/or Walter/Wendy Carlos playing "Switched on Bach".

(3) Hearing Doc Watson, Asleep at the Wheel and Bonnie Riatt live at Cain's Ballroom in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

(4) Hearing the Heidelburg String Quartet doing a couple of the Brandenburg Concertos in the music hall of the Heidelburg castle.

(5) Listening to Pink Floyd on my old Stanton Dynaphase headphones in college after indulging in, er...herbal research...
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Very good question; ill go in chronological order:

1) At age 8, Michael Jackson's Thriller video-when i saw it for the first time and fell in the love with the beat, i knew music and I were going to have a long flourishing relationship.

2) At 10 years old (1985), sitting and talking to my older sister in her room in the attic who always had some Pink Floyd on in the background. Been a huge fan ever since.

3) At age 14, bought Metallica's "Kill Em All". This is where my love for metal began

4) At age 15, one day accidentally found the show "Video Music Box" in my room before leaving for school. My first exposure to NWA, Leaders of the New School and Tribe Called Quest. I was glued to the set; my love for hip hop began then.

5) Age 21, Pink Floyd show at Yankee Stadium. The most important and influential live performance of my life.

Three honorable mentions:

1) Heard a mind blowing piece of classical while in a cab in Manhattan when I was in my early 20's. Prior to that I had sworn off classical. So much for that idea...

2) ASMOX introd me right here on Head Fi to Meshuggah, back in 2005. After struggling with it for a year, I had finally opened up to world that I never even knew existed: technical metal.

3) Listening to and intently watching Richie Hawtin spin four decks and use a whole lotta computers to produce the most wicked tech house I had ever heard. At the famed Tunnel nigh club in NY back in the day. Need I say more?
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1) The first time I started listening to pink floyd's dark side of the moon... what a moving album (tear)
2)The first time I went to a concert
3)The first time I learned one of my favorite songs on guitar and piano
4)The first time I heard great headphones/ first time I actually felt my music in the pit of my stomach
5)learning a new instrument that I'm great at
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1. Beginning to play the clarinet at age nine.

2. Building my ribbons in 2002. I had no idea hi-fi could be that good.

3. My first visit to the Disney Concert Hall. I heard some Britten and a few others, but the building itself is very moving. I love going there.

4. Going to see "The Wall" played in the campus theater during undergrad. Let's just say that things were far more permissive in those days and that it was, er, mind-altering. As it was for pretty much the entire audience.

5. I was in the undergrad marching band and we performed an end of summer concert with the L.A. Phil at the Hollywood Bowl. The 1812 Overture calls for a brass band, so we'd show up. Great experience and the biggest audience I've played for.
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1. Buckethead concert
2. SunnO))) concert
3. Discovery of Head-Fi
4. Listening to CDs/radio in my dads truck. He introduced me to a lot of the music I love.
5. First prog album I listened to. Probably DSOTM.
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In chronological order.
1. Joining the school orchestra as a clarinet player, around age 10-11.
2. 1999 Love Parade in Berlin, Germany. ~1.5 million people joined up for this massive event. (picture 1, 2)
3. 2000 Love Parade in Berlin, Germany. ~1.3 million people joined up for this massive event.
4. Head-Fi discovery.
5. Hearing the Stax SR-007 / SRM-007t system for the first time.
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1.) Learning to play simple songs on a harmonica around age 11. Showed me I could play music.
2.) Getting my own cassette player and first album around age 12 (The Bee Gee's Trafalgar).
3.) Buying The Beatle's 1960 - 1970 (The Blue Album).
4.) Learning and playing drums in garage bands and college bands through HS and College.
5.) Teaching myself to play classical guitar (a lifetime hobby now).
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1 - Being taught very young how to care for and play vinyl records by my dad. Kind of sparked the interest in music and hi-fi all at once.

2 - U2 War & REM Document - The first albums I ever purchased on my own, late 1987 I think. I was a whippersnapper.

3 - Red Hot Chili Peppers Freaky Styley - My gateway drug. I got this one shortly after the two above. Perhaps too young at the time to appreciate the... "mature" content of the lyrics, but this album deserves its own point on the list for three specific reasons: Introducing me to George Clinton, turning me on to the weirder side of music, and prompting me to pick up number four on the list.

4 - RHCP BloodSugarSexMajik - This was at once the soundtrack to my teenage life and the benchmark for all great albums to look up to. If I was interested in music before, this made me rabid. Some kids got cars, I had a stack of tapes, records, CDs and a pile of hand-me-down components to rock out with. This album is a masterpiece, in my eyes perfect.

5 - As with all three of the bands listed above, recognizing that your idols are not infallible, and they get OLD. '94-'95 were bleak years.
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Call me crazy,but the first time i listened to Ma Baker-Boney M-Remix by sash (1999 if i remember correctly)and especially the intro melody,this made my adrenaline rising to very high levels

I was listening to the radio many hours everyday waiting for this song to play,so i learned a lot about the music of the 70's,80's and loved this kind of music.
I played this song,when i bought the cd single,at least 30 times a day...
My family couldn't stand it...
This song was the reason why i now have a 550+cd collection.
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Ironman played on headphones age 13 year 1975
T-Rex The Slider played on 8 track age 11 year 1972
Blue Oyster Cult Long Beach Arena age 14 year 1975
Metallica Justice For All Tour / Queensryke Operation Mindcrime Tour Long Beach Arena 1988
Ozzfest 2008
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1:Led Zepplin live in Buffalo 1973

2:Supertramp live in Buffalo 1975 very altered

3:Greatful Dead Live in Buffalo 1976 even more altered

onna The Buffalo in Live Oak Florida 1999 Max liquid altered

5:Levon Helm in Live Oak Florida 2008 you know the kind mind

many great shows in there but these stand out

I must ad Peter Hammell and King Crimson
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Led Zep 1973 FTW
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1. Sum 41, one of my favorite bands and first concert.
2. deciding to listen to music. I was pretty depressed and music gave me light to the tunnel.
3. getting my first mp3 player. music on the go woohoo no more of moms country music
4. getting a good pair of headphones. more enjoyment out of music.
5. Probably getting the new Green day CD, such a awesome cd!
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Being born in 1956 allowed me to grow up with the best music man has made.

My first record player.

My first cassette player/headphones.

My first Pink Floyd concert.

My first three day concert.

-- HM --

My current headphone rig. (Always puts a smile on my face)

Finding the title of a song I loved but didn't know who it was. I wore this tape out over ten years but no one knew who it was. David Lanz - Cristofori's Dream

Hearing Eric Clapton live.

Having a digital recording of a 60 minute tape my Granny made on a friend's piano in the early 60s. She played songs of her day (30s) and sang with as much boogy as anything I've heard.

Experiencing my 5.1 electrostatic HT watching "Saving Private Ryan" opening scenes. As big a "WOW" as hearing DSOTM (on headphones) for the first time.

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