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What are the best headphones for $80 or less?

Discussion in 'Archived Blogs' started by mralexosborn, Oct 1, 2009.
  1. mralexosborn
    I HAVE been trying to research this, but I have had little success. So I though I would try on here, so...what are the best headphones for under $80?
    I have been using my Shure SE110 IEM's and realized (although these were my first decent headphones) they sucked. They have no bass. Treble is absolutely horrendous. Decent midrange though. So electronic music sucks with them and with metal music I am deafened by what the Shure SE110's call treble. You can hear everything, but it is not pleasant.
    Back to the point...I want a pair of real headphones (not IEM's) that DO NOT have these problems. I have been looking at the Grado SR-60 but sound leakage is a HUGE factor and once again they have little bass. I think I may want the Sennheiser HD280's. I want a pair the does not leak sound (in or out). Has decent but not overpowering bass. Has to be comfortable.

    Thank you!
  2. ChrisHatesY
    You might check out the Koss ProDJ series. Very balanced can, if not a little flat. With a little equalizer manipulation you can pretty much get them to sound any way you want and at $60-80 they are hard to beat! Try to get the tony Bennett edition if you can.
  3. Pyrolancer
    Audio Technica ATH-M35


  4. laon
    CAL. DJ100 has decent sub bass and pretty much non existant mid bass especially for basshead.

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