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What are the best earphones under $50?

  1. rickdohc

    Fx101 has a bigger boomier bass, sound is thicker with better highs (not the best).
    FX40 has a more refined sound with better bass (little less than the Fx101), they are "treble heavy", so watch out.
    Better build quality, both better than the FX8.
    but i would recomend the 3580 for cheap good all-arounders. a little less bass than the Fx101 but overall, its a better soundin iem
    Also check the Sony MH1C thread.
  2. Luke1989
    You should check out www.bridgewaytech.com
    They have a few pairs under 50 like you were saying i have a pair of the hooks and they are pretty cool because i dont need an mp3
  3. DubMaster
    Audio Technica ATH-M30 ($43) are pretty good headphones. It should bring out the bass from the rap songs you listed. If you want something little bit cheaper then go with Sennheiser HD201 ($20).
    According to this article, frequency range of the ATH-M30 is a little better than the HD201.
    Which ever one you get just read the reviews and find the one that best fits your budget.
  4. iwannasomepho
    The Sennheiser HD 428 can be find for $30 or less.
  5. d m41n man
    With IEMs below $50, I'd go with the Vsonic GR06 and the MEE CC51 going for $42 street price (though I think this was already discontinued).  The fit though with regards to the CC51 is not for everyone, but if you can get the right fit then these are one of the best IMO.  As for the GR06, the only cons I can think of is if you're not fond of over-the ear since these are meant to be worn that way.
  6. lilhaiti
    I've tried many of the usual suspects and I stumbled across a pair of JVC HA-FXC51 buds at an airport shop because I had left my CX-300's at home. I can honestly say that these are some of the best sounding buds I've heard period. The bass is full and not boomy, the mids are detailed, the highs are crisp and not harsh. Yes there are probably better sounding buds out there but you're probably going to pay a lot more than $50 for them.
  7. kahaluu
    VC02, GR02 BE
  8. papijoe08
    Hisound POPO(amazing bass for the price / too bassy for me) or Hisound POPO basslight (even if its basslight the bass is just right and deep), is the budget BASS king the cable build is also TANK like, vsonic gr02 bass edition and sony mh1c are good choices too sounds more refined and clearer than the popo's but its not as bassy as the popo's

    btw the best earphones under $50 is vsonic vc02 but it would disappoint bassheads

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