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What are head-fi members views on apt-x lossless codec (over bluetooth)?

Discussion in 'Sound Science' started by anakchan, Mar 19, 2012.
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  1. lampuiho

    This thread is about codec and future development, not about available headphones.
     If headphones that can decode AAC directly do sound better than aptX ones with similar transducer quality, we should be having those in the top quality headphones instead of the lousy aptX that does not comply with standard
  2. reg66

    thanks for the reply Stan and apologies for my late one. i have gone for a bluetooth adapter with BT 4.0 (incl aptX), it gets very mixed reviews but i think most people aren't disabling other BT stacks and therefore problems occur or having driver issues. i'm pretty ok with tinkering on pc's so hopefully i'll get it all up and running.
    re quality systems etc, i like to have a fairly descent sound but i'm not massively fussy. i have no probs with class D or PWM after having built (from kit and upgraded BOM) my own amp and dac and being pleased with the results. the dali's do sound good for what they are but i know i've made a sacrifice in audio quality over using separates and wired passives. that said, i really wanted the best sound for my budget AND with minimal clutter. this is important for me, so to have a really simple rig of just source (laptop or phone) and speakers with no external amps, dacs, discs etc and minimal cables was the deciding factor.
    the dali's, being 50W p/c, do lack a bit of bass which is why i bought the BK XLS 200 but there's still a little punch/impact [not too clued up on the technical jargon] missing from beats such as with dire straits - money for nothing intro. hard to explain, the deeper tones are there with the aid of the sub but there's presence missing from the mid beats (toms?) when compared to my old B&W's with 8" drivers (the dali's have 5.25"), but that's only to be expected given their size. that's my only qualm with them. other than that i love them!
    EDIT: almost forgot, i do have another issue with the dali's. the tweaters struggle with specific female vocals, alela diane - pirates gospel or white as as diamonds and first aid kit vocals for example (not so much with the latter), at above 60-65% volume. they start to distort. forgot about that as i rarely have them up above those levels, so not too much of an issue for me. but again, they aren't really built for power so it can be forgiven. no doubt others would less understanding!
    so anyway, thanks for your help (and pointing out the creatives are only BT 2.1; hadn't realized). at least i'll know i'm making use of the aptX, even if at this level of fidelity i can't tell!!!
    cheers, james
  3. StanD
    I'll just state my case one last time, it's not worth bothering with great codecs when the transducers are not good. You may feel otherwise, however, IMO it's just a distraction as to me there is nothing worth buying.
  4. StanD
    @reg66 Is the BK XLS 200 Bluettoth connectable? I can see that you are carefully considering the tradeoffs and know what you are getting into, good thinking.
  5. reg66

    no, lovely bit of british quality (again, for my budget), but it's connected direct to sub out port on the dali's. an extra cable, but then then the power cable to the speaker was there anyway, just tidied them up with a cable wrap (also contains cable to the TV).
  6. lampuiho

    Can you even read? I am not talking about buying consumer products. I am talking about headset design.
  7. StanD
    Just stop already. I can read so don't be insulting.
  8. thekash
    I have both the Momentum 2.0 over-ear wireless and the Bowers and Wilkins P7 and i can tell you that wireless vs. wired there is a noticeable difference in the precision of sound through the headphones when using wires compared to apt-x. I'm using the Avantree bluetooth apt-x adapter with Fiio E-18, surface and direct through forced apt-x on my MacBook. I feel like the momentums sound similar in both wireless/wired mode but only when ANC is activated so it may be processing within the headphones as well even in wired mode. The P7 however sound like a different pair of headphones in wired mode. Anyone else have any experience with these two? i'm wondering if there are different revisions of the apt-x codec and if that's maybe giving different performance between devices. 
  9. Denon2010
    I have a Sony bluetooth headphone and I have had other bluetooth headphones including an Audio technica.
    Let me say first off the problem with bluetooth headphones is NOT bluetooth please don't fall for this lie. Bluetooth is nearly perfect at this point and bluetooth 5.0 will make it indistinguishable from wires. It will be like running a direct fibre optic toslink both are digital.
    The problem with bluetooth headphones are the DAC/AMP are built onto the headphones because the signal is digital. But even then that is not much of an issue now adays with ESS Sabre DAC you can have audiophile grade DAC into bluetooth headphones if companies wanted.
    So what is the real problem? the problem is most bluetooth headphones are trash the design and drivers are trash. There are no open back bluetooth headphones in audiophile range, the battery is non removable so you will be tossing a $400 pair of audiophile headphones in the trash in 3 years. None of us would ever do that with wired ones. That is the main problem with bluetooth headphones they are only designed for portable use so there are no real Audiophile grade.
    The solution? an all in 1 DAC/AMP with dual male to male headphone plugs so you can use them with headphones that have detachable cables. To ensure the quality is perfect we are waiting for bluetooth 5.0
    There is 1 other issue, you don't get to use a fancy alloy decorated cable and you don't get to turn the fancy aluminum knob on  your fancy DAC/AMP setup and see the fancy analogue needle move in those classic design European and Russian tube amps
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  10. apaar123
    Is aptx a lot better?
  11. bladefd
    What adapter do you guys use if you want to use the onboard microphone too on bluetooth headset?? The Azio adapter with aptx seems to be soldout on amazon and b&h and everywhere else. I see the sennheiser btd800 is there but costs $65.. I mean I could buy it, but if there is something cheaper that gets the job done... :p
  12. StanD

    If you're looking for apt-x, I don't think the Sennheiser btd800 has it.
  13. bladefd

    I emailed asking Sennheiser. They said btd800 does support aptx.

    I asked: "Does btd800 use aptx?"
    Sennheiser support: "BTD800 plays aptx if your computer will support it. The dongle will show a purple LED when playing aptx."

    Anyways, I found azio bt adapter on airturn.com for like $16 shipped so I just ordered it from there. I never heard of airturn, but I used amazon pay so should be good.
  14. StanD
    Cool. I looked at Sennheiser's web site and they listed all sorts of tech info, but they didn't list apt-x.
  15. bladefd

    Yeah, that's why I was wondering too!

    We will see how the azio adapter does. If it doesn't work too well, I can always get the BTD800.
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