What are good IEMs in 2017 for around $50?

  1. funnyjoke
    Hi guys,
    The last headphones I bought after asking here were the Brainwavz M1s, and a little bit after that I got the Visonic GR02s, which really weren't as good for me as the M1s.

    Both of them are broken now though, so I need new ones and I'm hoping to buy some when hopefully the sale happens next month in December.

    So what are good IEMs now in 2017? Have any new great ones come out recently, or is it just the same ones as before that are still good? I have a budget of around 50, but I guess I could go up if it's worth it.

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  2. cossix
    E10c by SoundMAGIC is one of the most popular at that price. They sound much better than I expected
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  3. funnyjoke
    Thanks for the reply. Will it be much better than Brainwavz M1? Aren't there any good ones that came out this year?
  4. Fearless1
    Same thoughts, they were a pleasant surprise. Very durable as well.

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