What am I missing? Mic to pc
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mr beat

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May 22, 2008
Hello all. I have an audigy 2zs external sound card that is hooked up with my pc.

What I am trying to do, is hook up my computer microphone into a Digitech BP200 to modify my voice. It worked at afriends last night through his PA system. He just gave it to me for free.

So what I have done is hooked the mic into the input(1/4" jack i think, the large ones) and hooked the output to the mic port on my audigy box.

When I press the button to play a rock beat on the bp200 this comes out fine and is recordable. However, when I talk into the Mic I get nothing. Do i need an actual pa microphone, or do I need some sort of amp for the mic?

I do not know much about this please help.

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