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What am I hearing?

Discussion in 'Sound Science' started by severanth, Feb 2, 2011.
  1. Severanth
    So I was having a look at CES showcase stuff and I came across this video;
    Not original link I found it on, but is there.
    Very similar to surround sound processing for dual speaker and headphones.  But with a different approach.
    There is a free trial download for mac and pc so have some fun and see what you think.  Warning they have slightly a odd pricing structure with the trial if you like it want want to buy it.  So read the info before you download the trial.
    alternatively just to hear a couple of demo tracks, so you do not commit to anything.
    I am a newcomer to this field and happily so.
    Just wanted to post the interview and see how people with more trained ears find the sound.  See how people react to the experience.
    The difference is obvious to me.  But I will leave others to comment first.
    Apologies if this is the wrong thread but seemed like the place to post it and talk about the sound.  I have no affiliation to the company I am just having fun exploring sound.
  2. Jack C
    Yes, I hear a difference, but I don't know if the difference is better or preferable over the original sound. 
    I get the sense of the sound moving around, but it's still just a panning effect, rather than any real 3D type effect.

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