What Age Do You Guess You Played Your Own Recorded Music?
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Headphoneus Supremus
Dec 11, 2008
I was thinking back and I remembered how much fun it was for me at about 7 or 8 to be playing my own record player. Most records were red or black. I think I remember the needle being a needle? We were always exposed to music from the radio. There was a big difference though to having your very own record player, or for younger Head-fis maybe a tape player? There was even then a magic about being able to choose what song you wanted to hear. Just thought it would be cool to hear about any early memories out there.
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About the time I began school, meaning the age 6-7 (1979).
With a blue Aiwa cassette player and radio, with built in stereo speakers. Remember it as it was yesterday. I was in heaven!
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It was many years back(8-9 years old),we had a portable akai radio/cassete player(and before that an older one but i don't remember the brand)and i was playing some cassetes with greek pop music,i was really happy then with it.
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I was about six and I had this little white plastic record player. My mom bought me my first 45' single which was Rod Stewart's "Do you think I'm sexy". ( I need to ask her why she bought a six year old that!) I played the hell out of the poor record!

this song is great!
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Let's see....

My dad burned me a few CDs when I was seven or so, and I listened to them, then when I was 10 I got one of those mini tape recorders and manually recorded stuff from video games and the radio and such,

Then when I was 11 I got an MP3 player and started using that (With the crappy buds too). That was a cowon U2, and to this day I consider it to be the best MP3 player I have owned. One of these days I'll find a old one on ebay and buy it....
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1966 on my dads custom made console stereo system. It had a heath kit amp/tuner/phono amp with a Gerrard turntable built into it. I used to walk around behind it and check out all the tubes from time to time. He made the cabinet which I only found out recently. In all honesty I can't remember the exact LP I used to play over and over...one was a child's story though...Perry the Squirrel

The speakers in it were early electro voice 12 inch ALNICO mag types...one way designs with a "whizzer" cone. I took that console apart in the early 70's to salvage parts from it (made a pretty good guitar amp with it). It sounded pretty good for what it was.....certainly better than the average cheap consoles that were being sold back then. The old boy passed on the DIY bug to me obviously

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My Uncle had this really cool tube amp in about 1972. My Grandparents let him sleep in this 1940s Komfort trailer which was next to the garage. My Uncle would keep taking audio equipment apart and mounting the speakers all around the inside of this 20 foot trailer. I remember he had all these early 70s records like Janis Joplin that would really rock inside this crazy trailer. One afternoon he was again trying to hook up the 20th speaker, when he somehow got the speaker terminals hooked to the 110 directly. You had the biggest boom as the center coils and smoke flew into the trailer from every direction!
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There were toy record players, transistor radios, console furniture/stereo record players, turntable/eight track/cassette tape/amplifier/component systems, reel-to-reel tape recorder/players. and various portable music devices in my life since I had a sense of consciousness. The first song that got my attention was a song called "Raunchy." The first 45 record I remember buying was "Pictures Of Matchstick Men" by Status Quo. The first album that I bought was "Disraeli Gears" by Cream. (maybe ten years old...) Lots of musical memories. Most of my memories involve music in some way or another...
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On a orange plastic portable turntable,I remember it was kids songs,so mabye around 5-6 yers old.
I loved that player lost it in a move some years ago
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must've been the mid-late 90s, my dad came back form a business trip and got me a yellow radio shack walkman (genexxa was the brand name back then), He also gave me about 10 golden oldies tapes and I listened to Walk Like an Egyptian non-stop. About 2-3 years later he got me a Panasonic PCDP from another trip to hong kong....only reason it died was it was knocked out my hand getting out of a car.
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I was about 6 or 7 when I first played music on a record player. I forgot which brand it was but I remember the record I played. It was a disney record, had songs like Tiki Tiki Room and It's a Small World. My sisters and I would mess around with the speed, it was fun.

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