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What about Sennheiser HD595 ?

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by syncmaster68, Jan 9, 2007.
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  1. laxx
    I do use a dedicated CDP, but haven't really spend much time with my HD595's as I listen to my K701's 90% of the time.

    I don't really care if the HD595's sound muddy as they are just my night time can while I watch shows in bed because they are super comfy when I lay there.
  2. Gurra1980
    I think the bass i just right with my iriver i turn up the bass a little with the EQ and then it's punchy and nice. The 595 is such a good headphone so if the music you play and the source you use is't that good then they don't sound good.

    I tried them with a iPod 4g and the sound was flat, bright and boring koss portapro was much better here, I tried them with my acer n311 same thing there.

    But when i plug them into my iriver they are fantastic and you can get much bass, Same thing when i put them in a nice stereo. they have good soundstadge, airy and detaild sound. They are easy to drive, i tried some amps through the line out of my iriver and the actual soundquality wasn't much improved. i also spend some time trying the famous 650 and 701 when i was at the store and i went happily from there with my 595. (good for my wallet!!)
  3. MaloS
    well I have not heard the aria - but the porta corda did not even slightly impress me with the hd595 back when I used the chaintech av710. On the other hand emu 1616 had no mud in the bass whatsoever, and taking a wild guess that it is because of the DAC chip, you can get same results with emu 0404...

    Yes, dacs do matter :wink:.
  4. warMen
    I have to EQ the bass up a tad in the ~100hz range to get that "punch" I like in my music... otherwise, they are what people say they are... neutral. They sound good though, but not right out of the box. I just got my DAC and I'm enjoying that [​IMG]. I haven't gotten my amp yet, but it should be here tomorrow or in the next few days at least, and I'll tell you how that is.
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