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What a long, strange trip it's been -- (Robert Hunter)

Discussion in 'Mike Moffat (Baldr)' started by baldr, Oct 13, 2015.
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  1. Gazny
    what is the cat# so i can get one for myself?
  2. SpeakerBox
    Command Records / Volume Two / Stereo 35MM / RS 831 SD
    Last edited: Nov 12, 2019
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  3. judson_w
    Huh, Enoch Light and his Orchestra. I have looked them up on Amazon HD (it is the one streaming service I am on, since I still have the three month free trial going on). They do not have that particular album, but the music they have is pleasant.
  4. SpeakerBox
    Yes, Enoch Light. The best sounding piece of vinyl I have heard to date.
  5. SpeakerBox
    Apparently the Command Records label, per Wikipedia, was targeted at audiophiles. I have two more records on this label that I will have to investigate further.
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  6. bosiemoncrieff
    he6 is better than i remembered, awesome bass
  7. SpeakerBox
    Actually have four total on Command label, and all sound magnificent!
  8. bosiemoncrieff
    "I hope there are only bad performances of Tristan. A good performance would drive the audience to madness."
    —Richard Wagner

  9. Whazzzup
    daniel hope and the zurich chamber orchestra, should be good for an afternoon show...
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  10. SpeakerBox
    I wonder if Bosie has one of these?
  11. ev666il
    Hello, everyone. First post in this thread and I would like to start with thanking Mike—not just generally for taking the time to share things with us over here, but also and more importantly a personal thank you for the countless hours of enjoyment I've derived from music played through DACs of your design. In fact, I'm enjoying as I type these very lines :)

    I haven't caught up yet with the entire thread, but hopefully users who have been active for a while can sate my curiosity:
    • Bifrost 2 has been described by Mike (and vicariously by Jason) as "cheap-ass balanced." What is the difference between "cheap-ass balanced" and "real balanced" in practice?
    • Nomenclature doubt: Do I understand correctly that only discrete multibit DACs are R2R (a.k.a. resistor ladder)? Or do IC multibit DACs also fit the R2R bill?
    • Besides Mike's and Nelson Pass's GAIN system, have there been other bit-perfect ADC?
    Speaking of bit-perfect, and at the cost of being pedantic: I reckon a delta-sigma ADC would do away with the original samples and result in a digital approximation of the original sine wave. A delta-sigma DAC would subsequently provide an approximation of the approximation, correct? Whereas a True Multibit DAC would provide a bit-perfect rendition of the original approximation. By the same token, as the GAIN system was a bit-perfect ADC, music thus digitized and subsequently reconverted by means of a True Multibit DAC should be ... the closest a digital chain can sound to analog?

    Thanks for bearing with me!
  12. SpeakerBox

    I remember feeling this way at work, but once the coffee I brewed at home ran out there was no way I was drinking the office stuff!
  13. bosiemoncrieff
    My work rig isn't as good as my home rig but it's quite adequate
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  14. SpeakerBox
    I have no reason to doubt you!
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  15. ScubaMan2017
    Welcome to the thread, @ev666il {{{like me, you monitor several strands}}}. Re: nomenclature. I remember this being explained on-and-off early in the thread. I still find this technology a bit of a black-box concept: (digital signal in) + (multibit Digital-to-Analogy processing) = (RCA out). As a weekend (audiophile) warrior, I'd like to learn more about HOW 'multibit' is different from 'traditional conversions'. Apparently, this multibit technology was a carry-over from the telegraph?! And multibit samples the signal at a higher frequency? Fellow SchiitHeads, point me to a citation or reference? Wikipedia's too vague for me. :triportsad::triportsad::triportsad:
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