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What a long, strange trip it's been -- (Robert Hunter)

Discussion in 'Mike Moffat (Baldr)' started by baldr, Oct 13, 2015.
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  1. Pietro Cozzi Tinin
    Ah.. Of course... Green Tea I suppose?
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  2. RCBinTN

  3. KoshNaranek
    Matcha Green Tea to be precise. That stuff is expensive!
  4. bosiemoncrieff
    I got a bag from Costco for like $36. To be fair, though, it's a yuuuge bag.
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  5. artur9
    A fiber optic BWD output would tick a lot of boxes. Dunno how Mike feels about fiber optics. Maybe it's only good for cable tv?
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  6. US Blues
    Nice one, from Sonoma State University. The photo is from earlier in the Summer of 1973.
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  7. Baldr
    Jeez, another post relatively quickly. Could be that I actually have a whole 24 hours in a row off? Allow me to begin with the fanciful. A few posts back I had mentioned my growing addiction to exotic maple syrups. If drinkers can describe the taste of various single malt distillations in reverential posts, and coffee aficionados can describe preparation equipment and rituals in loving terms, how can the appreciation of exotic maple syrups be denied to this audience of epicures. I believe maple obscurity has to be the reason. First off, let me say that the taste of various syrups sourced from a Trader Joe’s or so down to supermarket level ranges from like ass to insipid, at best. Even the majority of Amazon offerings are lamely packaged in plastic bottles. (Plastic containers for foodstuffs prove the existence of God by extension, since the food use case for plastic containers had to be the spawn of Satan.) There is controversy over the superiority of Canadian versus US brands, the taste of B versus A grade syrups, and which US State provides the best maple tree groves. Some good starting points are Martinette in Canada, and Runamok Maple – Sugarmaker’s Cut from the US. Bear in mind that these are at the $30 to $35 price level for 375ml bottles. What can I say, Cutty Sark and Denny’s coffee are cheap. Oh, and if you are truly a DIYer you can make a Sourdough starter (Jason named his Bert – it does qualify as a pet since it requires care and feeding). Why? So you can make sourdough pancakes or crepes which are the true multibit of that universe. If you are merely a gluten free food cultist or even if you honestly do suffer from Ciliac Disease, sourdough pancakes are a true bucket list item. At our local annual ham radio field day, one of the local ladies makes sourdough crepes at breakdown. I bring proper syrup and OMFG.

    Which points me in the direction of this post. Many of the readers will not find the taste of Bosie Coffees, Craft Single Malt whisky (Uisge Beatha in Scottish Gaelic to evade spelling controversies), or Craft Maple products a true upgrade, most will. Same thing with Schiit D/A products. There was a recent narrative of the sale of a Gungnir in the Gungnir thread because the user felt there was no advantage in using a Gungnir over a far less expensive DAC. A few other parroted agreement. Guess what! I absolutely believe them with respect to their relative sonic judgement of the Gungnir.

    Where I take umbrage, however, is when some of those users then assume that I am in the business of making more expensive DACs for monetary gain only - as if I were some kind of a corporate pig. I suppose I could explain how I picked my own better audio products over lower priced ones at audio shootouts (true – I won drinks and dinner on many bets) OR I could challenge anyone to take my gear apart, add up the cost of components measured against the selling price and compare it to any other maker’s gear. (This has a lot to do why my gear holds its value) The deal is that I believe in all of this Schiit I build. If I cannot, with my seven decade old ears hear a difference, I will not release it. Period. My products are not faith-based. Some will hear differences, some won’t, and some just will not care. No matter what you hear or not, it is OK with me. That is exactly why I build a $100 DAC. In my musicals, there are those who can perfectly hear pitch, and those who cannot, and those who just want to burn one and watch the show. Have it your way – easier on all of us. But please do not tell me I am in this with a red/white striped blazer, a cane, and a straw hat just to sell you some Schiit in which I do not believe. Oh, and no one has the right to tell anyone what they can or must hear.

    If you do, however have beer tastes like Jason’s, coffee tastes like Bosie, and Maple Syrup tastes like mine, you just may care about differences in sound which are very comparable. I just hope all of you get as much pleasure from audio as I do. Whether or not it is our gear. This is a party. It deserves to be treated as such, NOT like a debating society or contest. Take it from an old, happy guy who feels 35 years younger.
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  8. johnjen
    REAL Maple Syrup IS magical.
    And granted I haven't dipped my toes in the exotic offerings of the high end of MS, but it is an essential part of all my many breakfast treats.

    So Mike have you ever had Aebleskivers?
    Small (a little bigger than a golf ball) puffy pastry/pancake.
    I call them orbs of delight!
    They are made with the same batter as yorkshire pudding, very light and airy,
    Cooked in a special pan.

    Open a slit into one, insert a pat of butter, jam, or MS, a sprinkle of powdered sugar on top (optional) and try, just try to eat only 1.

    2 cups Flour
    ½ tsp. Salt
    1 tsp. Sugar
    2 cups Buttermilk
    2 eggs separated
    1 tsp. Baking Soda
    1 tsp. Baking Powder
    melted butter
    yield about 40 to 50 depending.

    Sift flour, sugar, soda, powder and salt together in medium sized bowl.
    Blend buttermilk and egg yolk and add flour mixture.
    Beat until smooth.
    Fold in VERY stiffly (as in dry) beaten egg whites.

    Add melted butter to each cup of pan and pour batter into each cup, about ¾ full.
    I use a bristle brush to grease each hemisphere before adding more batter.

    Flip over, after the bottom is cooked to a golden brown, to cook the other side.
    I use a fork (some folks use 2 forks) to flip them.

    Your senses will thank you.

    ps I couldn't help myself, I ordered the good stuff, the Sugarmakers Cut.
    What have I dun?
    Last edited: Sep 3, 2018
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  9. jmarcusg
    Apparently there was a kerfuffle in Israel last Friday when classical radio station Kol HaMusica played a recording of the final act of Götterdämmerung. Reports vary: Agence France, The Telegraph & BBC News. Ironic(?) that the broadcast was of a performance recorded in 1991, conducted by Daniel Barenboim (who is Jewish) at the Bayreuth Festival.
    Last edited: Sep 3, 2018
  10. wingsounds13
    @Baldr you are right on with this post. Hear what you like, buy what you like, but don't try to tell me that I my perceptions and my choices are wrong. Nobody but myself can ever know what I can and cannot hear. NOBODY! With our current limited state of technology, what goes on in my head is uniquely mine to know (and even that is debatable. :))

    This is true for everyone. Only you can know what you hear and even what you like . It's much easier to live together if we live our own lives and let others live theirs. As long as it does not interfere with anyone, you are free to think and do anything you like.

    And, one of these days I am going to own some cool Schiit. Maybe next time Freya or Vidar come up in B stock, or I find a really good user deal.

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  11. CAPT Deadpool
    B085D64A-19BA-4365-A2EE-43DB76FA8599.jpeg After reading this I ran out to BJs warehouse and bought some maple syrup (full disclosure it was on my wife’s list and some times I like to use honey instead ) and kodiak cakes buttermilpancake mix. I don’t know how my BJs syrup ranks but man do I love BJs Warehouse. They should sell tshirts.

    Im going to have to look up a gluten free sourdough recipe, my wife is now gluten intolerant thanks to her last M.S. (not maple syrup kind) treatment. Or find some of the Kodiak Cakes gluten free version i just found out about (sold out online) :gs1000smile:
  12. CAPT Deadpool
    Oh and what exactly would be non-organic maple syrup anyway? My choices at BJs were this or some kind of high fructose corn syrup maple style pancake topping. I mean they’re maple trees, they don’t require fertilizer or pesticides that I know of.
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  13. US Blues
    These days that doesn't stop jack wagons from spraying poison everywhere.
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  14. Derrick Swart
    Maple syrup i just love it! Once i had some real stuff from Canada and directly noticed the difference with the stuff we bought here in Portugal. Forgot the brands, we stopped buying; bad for the belly. Made something of fame at my kids school with my pancakes and on those the maple syrup...yummy. One day i shall buy a Gungnir to upgrade my bmc2. Problem is that it means also buying, my longing for, Freya. Yes my bmc2 has a fantastic remote control build in now. Luxury problem we have. Enjoy the syrup!
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  15. wink
    [​IMG]... upload_2018-9-4_21-6-11.jpeg ..[​IMG]
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