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What a long, strange trip it's been -- (Robert Hunter)

Discussion in 'Mike Moffat (Baldr)' started by baldr, Oct 13, 2015.
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  1. Ragnar-BY
    That`s not true. Well, maybe that is partially true, I`ve never owned any Fiio (maybe it`s cheap and good and do everything - I don`t know), but I remember USB-related problems in expensive products. Burson had problems with USB inputs in their Conductors. After some time they came up with a solution based on CM6631A (the same is used by Schiit). Violectric had some kind of problem with USB-inputs (I don`t remember what exactly, but they made an XMOS-based upgrade). Chord Hugo and Hugo 2 do not have "galvanic isolation" on USB (they have this option only for 2qute and Qutest). That`s only what I remember, sure there are more examples. All those DACs were not cheap and they had problems at some point. And those products still are very good.

    Actually, I believe that USB-power noise was industry-wide problem few years ago and everybody was working on this problem in one way or another.
  2. sam6550a
    That is a rather hard assessment derived from one data point.
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  3. sam6550a
    Not as low as whale schiit in the marianas trench.
  4. madwolfa
    That's exactly what it shows in atomicbob's graph, unless we are looking at different things.
  5. liamo
    So what have we learned? What’s old is new again! In a couple of years someone will no doubt bring this up yet again but to what purpose? There are lists and charts of DACs across the the net ranking them using differing methologies and I eagerly await Amir creating the first such ranked list based on the inaudible qualities he holds in such high regard. I’d love to see it but you’ll have to post it here Amir.....no clicks for you.
  6. madwolfa
    Here's the graph.

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  7. madwolfa
    R2R DACs measure worse than DS DACs (especially low-level linearity). In other news - water is wet.

    Do they sound better? I think they do. And this is what matters.
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  8. KoshNaranek
    So there is basically a 5 dB nonlinearity at 95 dB. Please excuse me while I ignore this Tempest in a Teapot and go listen to my Bifrost MB to Valhalla 2 to HD800.
  9. bosiemoncrieff
    In 1931, I would say the best soprano in the world would have been Frida Leider, and the best tenor Max Lorenz. Some of the Flagstad/Melchior fans will bristle at the suggestion that the Nordic singers' under-recorded German counterparts are superior, but I find Leider's voice richer and more satisfying than Flagstad's, which has always sounded breathy to me. Lorenz, to my ears, is more raw and masculine than Melchior, who, yes, has a bronze-like, trumpet-like indestructible intensity, but who for all of that lacks Lorenz's commitment to character. It is a misfortune that Lorenz never sang Siegfried next to Martha Mödl's Brünnhilde in the 1950s (we only have them as Volsung siblings in the 1954 Keilberth), but apparently there are dribs and drabs of Lorenz opposite Leider from earlier, though alas not in Tristan or Meistersinger. Eva is a bit light for a Wagner soprano, yes, but Leider famously announced that one would only be ready to sing Brünnhilde if one knew one could sing Pamina the following night.

    Has Siegfried ever sounded so heroic? Here is Lorenz at 35 in 1936.

    I'm also allergic to cats. My spirit animal is the labradoodle.
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  10. madwolfa
    It's more like -10dB there, but still nothing to write home about. Well below the noise floor.
  11. FLTWS
    Your absolutely correct, of course, but LOL! If you were ever to go on Jeopardy and draw "Opera Singers in Opera's by Richard Wagner" that would be just like Cliff Clavin getting "Civil Servants", "Stamps from around the World", "Mothers and Sons", "Beer", "Bar Trivia", and "Celibacy". in the Cheers "Jeopardy" episode. LMAO!

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  12. RCBinTN
    Enjoy your music!
    Cheers All,
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  13. AudioBear
    I have been reading all this dreck (merde, caca, call it what you will) for pages and it seems to me that nobody is paying attention to what @Baldr really said. Perhaps I should fault Mike M for being the gentleman that he is and writing too long a response to make sure he covered all the points.

    Let me do that for him. The most important 2 statements Mike made are:

    "The linearity reported measurement is atrocious and far below the performance level of any 16 bit Bifrost ever sold. This means either the linearity measurement or the Bifrost is broken."

    "That said, at whatever risk, I have an obligation to repair the Bifrost's linearity, if it is indeed broken under warranty, gratis. If it is not, we will do so if desired at a nominal charge."

    That's all Mike really needed to say but he went on to say he would be happy to meet with any and all who have questions or what look like bad measurements to discuss and hopefully resolve the disparities.

    The critics and doubters never seem to have noticed these key comments. Why is that? Well, maybe because they are buried in the midst of a very long but thoughtful post. Or maybe because the critics here don't want to acknowledge that Mike has said all that needs to be said. Fact is all of us would like to know what these measurements mean. The people who did the measurements and who called them to our attention and Schiit should be getting together to discuss the data. As Mike noted, these discussions often take place off-line before publication. That is a common courtesy. I don't see much courtesy here except for Mike's. It is hard not to think someone has an agenda when they won't dialog directly with the manufacturer to try to helps us understand what's going on. I can't doubt the measurements or the sincerity of posters. I can't read their minds. But if they don't take Mike up on his offer to talk about the measurements and come up with a way to resolve the differing views, than I have to doubt the motives and intent of some who have posted here.

    I applaud Mike's decision to support full freedom of speech. I think anybody who reads the last 10 pages will form their own opinions. I applaud the OP for bringing some much-needed epinephrine to this forum. A little fireworks light up the way.
  14. liamo
    The tempo of the orchestra especially at 2:15 really emphasizes that “heroic” nature of the piece for me but I’m admittedly much the noob never really critically listening to opera though having attended many performances. The piece hits me as didactic but still with soulfulness which maybe means correct. Thanks for sharing.
  15. Snowpuppy77
    In my opinion all you are doing with the way you present your measurements is building a straw man. It says nothing about the sound quality and you may have been measuring a defective unit that needed to be repaired under warranty or otherwise.
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