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What a long, strange trip it's been -- (Robert Hunter)

Discussion in 'Mike Moffat (Baldr)' started by baldr, Oct 13, 2015.
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  1. FrivolsListener
    Cats, friend: https://en.rocketnews24.com/2018/02...ans-out-of-woods-in-the-dark-of-night【video】/

    Fave 1931 opera singers: I plead ignorance

    VU meters? Buy your audio jewelery elsewhere.

    Back to the "argument." I hope the guy visits Baldr at RMAF or elsewhere. Baldr is a night person, so visit in mid afternoon, and he's a nice guy. But he also has no filter! :) He's dead serious about his audio, though.

    (Just bought a Modi Multibit/Magni 3 pair for the office. I've made *my* choice.)
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  2. HumanFly
    A...so you are out for revenge? You hope the Lyr measures bad too? This kind of talk is what makes even me second guess the agenda at hand.
    You could hear file save noises? You don`t believe in decent cables either? Did you bother to try the coax or is the rest of your setup just too crappy to do so?

    Edit2: @amirm Is this robbertbudding the guy that send you the BiFrost? Are you absolutely sure you can trust someone with this kind of a point to make? I read what you say on here and you seem unbiased and not out for blood. (But what about the people that send you stuff?) Did you ever check if the bifrost was opened prior to your testing?
    Last edited: Feb 8, 2018
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  3. liamo
    And I thought I had an impulse buying problem buying the gum multipack at the checkout aisle.
  4. MWSVette
    So it took you purchasing 4 Schiit products, 2 of which were Bifrosts, to decide that Schiit is "a company that lacks integrity and is devoid of engineering talent." Sounds like Bull Schiit to me.

    And FYI I actually own 2 Bifrosts, an Asgard and a Lyr.

  5. Oveja Negra
    Yeah, it sounds fishy as hell. You can bet if I buy a crappy item from any manufacturer, it will be the last one too. Forget about making the same mistake 4 times.

    My personal experience with Schiit products (Bifrost, Asgard 2, Wyrd) is perfect. Bifrost gives me an amazing sound, that's why I asked amirm if he also made a listening test, since what he found with out with the measurements doesn't correlate at all with my own experience.

    BTW, what are those things like electrons orbiting around your tubes? :D
  6. DrTone
    If you want to hook audio gear up to a noisy computer and then run it into an amplifier(s) on the same circuit, you need to know what you are doing. High end RME gear that "measures" well will hum and make all kinds noise if not ran balanced. With single ended sometimes the only solution to break the ground loop with isolation transformers.
    Last edited: Feb 8, 2018
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  7. loki993
    thats a lot of Schiit.....

    What are those interconnect cables in the back?
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  8. MWSVette
    Tube dampeners, they reduce microphonics and "ting" you will hear in some tubes...

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  9. Oveja Negra
    It's his garden hose, obviously.
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  10. FLTWS
    That looks like a lot of satisfying listening fun.
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  11. MWSVette

    I use Straight Wire interconnects. They are the same company that makes the Pyst cables for Schiit. The ones you can see in the photo are Pyst. Most of the rest are Straight Wire Musicable II that are 0.6 meter length.

    Well made quality cables.

    Of course IMHO, YMMV, yada yada yada....
  12. Pietro Cozzi Tinin
    Now. this is where I have to disagree.
    My nephew's mother's sister in law from the Alien side of the family lives on the moon.
    The depth of your living craters is a measure of nobility.
    The deeper the crater the more standing it gives you.
    So.. my nephew's mother's sister in law's housekeeper for example lives on Mons Huygens which by it's height is the lowest you can get.
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  13. HumanFly
    Can we summon @atomicbob ?
    Maybe he can explain why his interpretation is different and confirm that his measurements were indeed similar.
  14. astromo
    My experience is different.

    I've got a Schiit Modi Multibit, Magni 3, Wyrd, Freya and a Vidar.

    With the Freya, I could hear audible noise. I listened for a long time, troubleshooted and researched to make sure my ears weren't hearing something that wasn't there (the process of which convinced my ears, FWIW, that the originally supplied Sovtek tubes will not find a home in my Freya ever again - new gen Tung-Sols sound orders of magnitude better). I flagged the problem with my local supplier/distributor and it was RMA'd. Schiit backed the local guys with fast and (as far as I can tell) satisfactory support and the issue has been resolved. The philosophy I took was to engage the appropriate avenues to address the problem and get it fixed.

    What support did you seek out with your Bifrosts? You didn't mention issues with the other gear, so was that simply a loss of confidence?

    I've seen various posts (mostly on Jason's thread) of people seeking full blown tech support and Jason, sensibly in my opinion, directs the poster to contact Schiit tech support and raise a ticket. Sounds like your mind is set that you're past that stage but your comments appear to my reading that you haven't even give Schiit a chance to help you. Your choice. I just work in a different way.
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  15. astromo
    Smart plan. I'd be interested in the views from @atomicbob as well.
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