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What a long, strange trip it's been -- (Robert Hunter)

Discussion in 'Mike Moffat (Baldr)' started by baldr, Oct 13, 2015.
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  1. Ableza
    And either way, it just doesn't matter.
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  2. Ableza
    My point is it shouldn't matter. If the "issues" exist they are inaudible. Therefor, they do not matter to humans. It's like obsessing over the depth of a crater on the moon. It's not going to affect anyone on Earth's life.
  3. ScottFree
    And this is how we got NwAVGuy

    Best to have said this a few pages ago.
    Last edited: Feb 8, 2018
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  4. amirm
    Commenting on this part first, I certainly accept your kind offer to meet. I go to almost all audio shows just the same. Next one I am signed up for is Axpona and will also go to RMAF. So let's organize offline a time to meet or I will just drop by your suite while there.

    I also want to clear up some misunderstandings here about the work I do. I am NOT a reviewer. I am a retired technology executive that loves to keep busy as to keep the mind from rotting. :) Measuring equipment is one of those projects I do. I normally buy all of my own equipment to review as was the case when I measured your Modi 2. I also accept loaned gear which was the case here. Owners like to know how their products measure objectively and importantly compares with others that I own (I probably have 20 to 30 DACs by now and the list is growing!). I also write technical articles for magazines and for my site.

    To the extent my results are not favorable, I expect manufacturers contact me and correct or augment the data. A number have. I don't consider it my responsibility to chase the manufacturer after the fact for reaction. I find it poor form to respond to them elsewhere instead of contacting me.

    Being in the industry means I carry no agenda. I know, hard to believe. :) But I am completely devoid of emotions in these things. It is not personal. It is all about the data. I have had manufactures fight me tooth and nail on my results only to find out there was something they could fix. Others have reached out to me and I worked with them (gratis) to improve their products. Yet another group has offered me product to test because they want to know how it measures, results being good or bad. I would love nothing better than seeing product improvements. Of course, if my measurements are in error, I love to see that too.

    So in the interest of mutual respect, I hope you no longer put me in the bucket of people who hate you or your company/products. I go into evaluation of every review of your product as if the history is not there. I measure the gear and let the data speak for itself. Yes, there is commentary especially when I do tear-downs. Some three decades of managing engineering products (both hardware and software) means I do have opinions of what is safe and performant, and what is not. I won't apologize for that. :) My readers expect me to reflect my experience in such analysis and I provide it. Again, I accept feedback, corrections, questions just the same.

    Anyway, thanks again for the olive branch and look forward to having a personal and friendly relationship moving forward. And please call me Amir. :)
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  5. MWSVette

    Can you or anyone else here the glitch at -90db? If not then your first point is correct, and it should not matter to you either.

    As far as a screw working loose, is that a worthy complaint, really.

    If you can not hear it. Then what difference does it make if the graph of that measurement is correct or not.

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  6. HumanFly
    I don`t get these reactions. Mike has stated that if you(and/or Japanese bride guy) measured correctly the Bi-frost is broken and he wil repair it for you.
    So why act like you have not gotten any awnser to your question why the Bifrost behaved as it did?
    Wouldn`t the objective sciency thing to do be : send it in for repairs and measure it again when it returns?
    If it does poop out the same numbers you have a very valid point that should be discussed. But if it doesn`t all you are doing now is losing face.
    Also giving Mike the chance to fix it will prove that you believe in the correctness of your measurements. So please send the BiFrost in and test it again.
    And please drop the results in here because as you can see Mike will not kick you or erase your findings.

    I posted about the bombdropping like I did because I foresaw a massive discussion, not because I think there are things that should not be said.
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  7. ToTo Man
    I'm curious as to why everyone seems to be focusing on the -90dB glitch, which has already been discussed ad nauseam has it not? The other measurements make for a more interesting albeit not completely informed discussion, since we do not yet know if Bifrost MB sample that was measured is indeed faulty in some way.

    EDIT - @HumanFly beat me to it!
    Last edited: Feb 8, 2018
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  8. FLTWS
    Alright-y then, lets get back on topic. Cats; friend or foe? No? Okay then; favorite opera singers of 1931? No? How about; Should VU meters be making a comeback? No? .......................
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  9. Ableza
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  10. Byronb
    My Bifrost sounds amazing!
  11. Rtg97229
    Yes and this is why information on the test setup is important. The equipment under test could be broken or the test setup could have a problem. Every time I ask I am told that it has already been discussed but I don't get any further details nor do I find sufficient documentation from the person presenting the data.
  12. Oveja Negra
    This thread has been really interesting during the last pages (at last, since opera bores me to the death).

    What I'd like to know -as a Bifrost owner- is...

    @amirm After or prior your measurements, did you critically listen to that Bifrost unit? did it sound bad, mediocre or still sounded good? I'm really curious if all the faults you found translate into an audible degradation or not.

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  13. amirm
    I have not done any critical listening on it. I did listen to it for an hour to see if there are any drop outs as someone asked and it sounded "fine."

    Unfortunately this is a loaner unit and will be going back. If I had more time on it, I could develop a listening test to characterize any audibility issues.
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  14. Oveja Negra
    Ahh what a bummer, it would be great to see if there's a correlation between the measurements and the perceived "real life" performance of the unit.

    Anyways, thanks for taking the time to answer.
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  15. MWSVette
    Mine too, both of them...
    Last edited: Feb 8, 2018
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