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What a long, strange trip it's been -- (Robert Hunter)

Discussion in 'Mike Moffat (Baldr)' started by baldr, Oct 13, 2015.
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  1. bosiemoncrieff
    fantastic countertenor but truly inspired maestro. The tempo change at 2:55 is exuberant and masterful. It's effervescent, almost raucous allegri that will save baroque opera, not sedate, milquetoast performances.

    EDIT: I'm considering further Wagner paintings. What do we think of this one?

    Last edited: Feb 5, 2018
  2. wink
    A little crowdy....
  3. Operaphile-
    Tannhäuser, of course. Act one. Well done, I might add.
    Last edited: Feb 6, 2018
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  4. bosiemoncrieff
    I agree. It's a little big, but the Venusberg would be an outstanding addition to the Landhaus collection. Other than the two portraits that I didn't acquire, the only other paintings I have a strong interest in are Klingsor's magic garden and this one:

  5. Operaphile-
    I want to say Amfortas (die Wunde!) but I can make a case for several Wagner moments. Who's the artist and do you own some of these? I like them.
  6. FLTWS
  7. Operaphile-
    Could well be. That was actually my first thought, but again, that’s probably because I’ve been spending time with the score. Or Siegmund, or even Siegfried, if we pretend the spear went through to the front. Could also be a few of secondary characters, eg. Melot, Mime, maybe Fasolt depending on the director.
  8. bosiemoncrieff
    Cal Pedranti is the artist, and I own seven presently, but am considering acquiring another four or five. This is indeed Act 3 of Tristan — O diese sonne, ha! Diese tag
  9. Pietro Cozzi Tinin
    In my opinion not a bad painter but not good enough to have 11 or 12 of them.
    Why not a little variation and blend in some other painters?
  10. wink
    Like Michaelangelo or Picasso, perhaps...? :ksc75smile:
  11. Pietro Cozzi Tinin
    Nope. Eagon Schiele or Edvard Munch
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  12. liamo
    You’ve got me furiously searching for Munch Wagner illustrations.
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  13. RCBinTN
    Here's one from the internet....

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  14. liamo
    Wow! Had no idea such a thing existed, thanks.
  15. HumanFly
    This might be too pricey...but I like it:
    But the guy that dropped his measurement bomb on the Schiit happened thread didnt show up here? It saddens me...I even got some popcorn.
    Last edited: Feb 7, 2018
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