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What a long, strange trip it's been -- (Robert Hunter)

Discussion in 'Mike Moffat (Baldr)' started by baldr, Oct 13, 2015.
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  1. bosiemoncrieff
    the metropolitan opera has a sirius xm channel, but idk what the quality is. They also have a $15/month 'Met on demand' that should be able to achieve lossless if your internet can support it. Then there's the digital concert hall from the Berliner Philharmoniker.
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  2. Turdski
    Looking forward to reading your impressions!
  3. artur9
    Is it all right to put it on its side? Does that confuse the bits? Make the phase switch work in reverse?

    Seriously, not even on its side. I think once I get rid of some gaming machines I might have the space but I'm really quite happy with the Gumby. I've heard the Yggy via headphones. I think I'd get more bang for the buck investing in other parts of my system rather than upgrading Gumby -> Yggy.
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  4. SeaWo|f
    You are not quite far enough down this rabbit hole yet..

    I spent over a month on the construction of my new audio cabinet. Custom finishing it, mounting hangers, mesh back panel,having custom glass made, getting the door to shut just perfectly.. etc
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  5. Letmebefrank
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  6. HumanFly
    I found this one : https://www.internet-radio.com/station/saglioc/
    It may not be exclusively opera but it is 320kb/s.
    Edit 1:
    Bitrate uncertain: http://linnclassical.radio.net/search.jsf?q=opera
    They do have audiophile streams that are said to be 320kb/s and up.
    Edit 2:
    Seems like not many people stream just quality opera.
    https://www.bbc.co.uk/radio3 offers a 320-stream
    Last edited: Jan 28, 2018
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  7. ScottFree
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  8. wink
    Make the space - you know you want to.......:L3000:

    How would like to spend your life standing on your side.....:triportsad:

    Ditch that useless time-wasting gaming rubbish and concentrate on that supurb time-wasting music pastime........:ksc75smile:
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  9. US Blues
    That is true up to a point. When the rest of your system gets better, then the sonic differences between Yggy 2 and Gumby become more obvious and easier to hear.

    Welcome to the rabbit hole!
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  10. artur9

    I've been trying to resist.

    I'm 2ch so my main problem right now is finding exceptional mini-monitors that are suitably décor friendly. Y'all know that goes. Saving up for some Trenner&Friedl Suns as I haven't heard of anything that small that sounds decent. (Totem is close, my VA Haydns are good, maybe Joseph Audio, Role Audio maybe, too many, too expensive to listen to them all.)
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  11. Alcophone
    They do look gorgeous! Hadn't heard about them. You definitely need a good amp for those at 82 dB sensitivity, and a subwoofer is a must as well at 55 Hz @ -6 dB. Looks like they were at RMAF in 2013, would be nice to see them this year...
  12. artur9
    Yeah, I feel confident about integrating them with a sub as that's what I'm doing with my Haydns. Subs are relatively easy to hide as long as they're not too monster.

    I just had this thought on hiding a subwoofer. Maybe take 2-3 SVS PC-2000 and make a floor-to-ceiling column. Who'd know? :) A bit of fabric with some Doric pattern on them et voíla!
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  13. FLTWS
    Or use just 2 in stereo and let someone other than yourself pick out what "objet d'art" to place on top of each.
  14. Ableza
    Ooo, don't you want that top of the line unit with the "Swarovsky crystal disperser in golden ratio shape" super-tweeter? No? Me neither. :)
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  15. mbyrnes
    Why not go with larger Vienna Acoustics? I have the Mozart Grands, which have plenty of well blended bass. They're pretty small for towers. I've loved my pair for several years now. They're great in my small apartment.
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