What a long, strange trip it's been -- (Robert Hunter)

Discussion in 'Mike Moffat (Baldr)' started by baldr, Oct 13, 2015.
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  1. Baldr
    At the Schittr - in a day or two (as soon as I can get down there).
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  2. winders
    Someone on a different forum answered my question (from another person) this way:

    I prefer to mix and match:

    1 & 4 - Karajan '77

    2 & 8 - Norrington

    3 - Klemperer '61

    5 & 7 - C. Kleiber

    6 - Bohm

    9 - Bernstein VPO

    That's pretty much a perfect Beethoven set in good sound.

    Is that better than the best cycle?
  3. winders

    Another question for you:

    I am completely enamored with Rimsky-Korsokov's "Scheherazade". I have been unable to find another piece of classical music that has a similar sound. Are there any other compositions out there that have a similar sound? Or his "Scheherazade" unique?
  4. FLTWS
    +1 on Skroweczewski for a complete Bruckner cycle.
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  5. Alcophone
    It should be possible to capture the Gadget's digital output in FLAC form, so that everyone can get an idea of the effect.
  6. leeperry
    Obviously only 0.000000000001% of prospective buyers would be able to make it there so a FLAC demo would be most appreciated indeed.

    And why no "auto" button then? Are we supposed to wiggle the knob for every song till the led lights up?
  7. Victor Martell
    Well - it is a slightly different question - it looks like a cycle, but the question answered is, "what are the best versions" - When answering the question of best *cycle*, there are factors that apply that are not in play in the piecemeal approach - like unity of concept, how the interpretation adapts from as you move ahead, etc..

    That said - those are great versions except for the Norringtons - Somewhere on the 405 freeway there lies a CD on the road that I threw out the car after listening to Norrington's Beethoven - same reaction I got with Zinman's cycle (and I like Zinman - is his Beethoven conception I hate) but this time instead I just took the cycle back for the store for a refund. Same with Dudamel's 5th - I put the CD in the car after buying it from Amoeba records - actually made a U-Turn to return it.

    ymmv, of course.

  8. jimmers
    How about a skingasm'd file vs the source file for our delectation? :L3000:

    or aren't you set up to save the wonderfile.
  9. winders
    What would be your favorite versions of each symphony?
  10. jacal01
    Asleep at the wheel, I'd guess. :beerchug:
  11. Victor Martell

    Here it goes

    1 - Karl Boehm , DG, 70s cycle
    2 - Harnoncourt
    3 - Furtwangler Vienna, 1944
    4 - Barenboim, Berlin Staatskapelle
    5.- Erich Kleiber on Decca, Concertgebouw - 1950s recording, tie with Carlos Kleiber's on DG
    6 - Karajan 63
    7 - Bruno Walter, CBS, 60s cycle, tie with Carlos Kleiber's, DG
    8 - Chailly Decca, Gewandhaus
    9 - Tie between the extremely perversely slow Boehm from the 80s and Furts' Bayreuth reopening one

    However, if you ask me tomorrow, answer might be different! :D

  12. bosiemoncrieff
    What stacks will have access to the Gadget? I would, of course, be interested to hear it on both headphones and speakers. Gumby and Yggy stacks would be my votes, though I understand if Yggy is already too busy with the turn table and multiple power amps and preamps.
  13. wink
    I have over 5 recordings of Scheherezade.
    Have you heard Rimsky-Korsakov's Sadko (Song Of India) or Capriccio Espagnol

    and for some variety, Chabrier's Espana

    That Waldteufel turned into a waltz

  14. leafy7382
    Shameless plug here
    Borodin's "Steppes of Central Asia"
  15. rkw
    Beethoven 4: Carlos Kleiber

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