Westone Wx vs Shure RMCE-BT1

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  1. LondonGecko
    Hi, I'm after a recommendation... ideally from someone who has used either the Westone or Shure bluetooth offerings.

    I currently have an AK70 Mk2, so in terms of bluetooth connectivity either will be fine. I have a set of Shure SE425s that I use for the gym, and it's the cable that's annoying me - hence the interest in the bluetooth option.

    Has anyone got experience of running with either of these cables? I really dislike the cable bouncing around, and despite trying with cord clips I just can't seem to get the right freedom of movement.

    Anyone got any real world experience of either?

    shure.jpg westone.jpg
  2. m4rkw
    I currently have the BT1 and have the Westone on order, being delivered on wednesday. The BT1 is ok but when paired with high sensitivity IEMs like my 535s, the voice prompts are ear-piercingly loud. Also it only supports the SBC codec. Sounds ok on my iPhone but the westone cable should sound better. I've seen a few people reporting connection issues with the Westone cable, hopefully I won't have that problem. The westone cable appears to be software updateable whereas the Shure cable is not. I'm planning to return the Shure cable once the westone one arrives as I can't put up with the defeaning prompts any longer.
  3. Tex Irie
    I have the Shure cable.. It doesn't really have sweat resistance issues. However, after logging 20 intense training sessions in the last 40 days I'm noticing connectivity issues. I believe the issue is phone related as my LG V30 has done the same with 2 different pairs of powerbeats. I'm going to try the Westone cable as well. I clipped the Shure cable to my hat so any kind of movement was no issue during strength or cardio training,
  4. Tex Irie
    So.... I received the Westone BT cable today and used it with my Shure SE215's .. The Westone cable is infinitely superior. Going to try this with my SE535's and SE846's. The sound stage seems much larger and the separation of instruments is rather remarkable.
  5. m4rkw
    What's it like to wear around the ears with Shures? Also would be very grateful if you could run it down from full to dead with a nominal listening volume and report back how long you got. I use the BT1 cable and one thing I really like about it is that the battery lasts way longer than advertised.
  6. LondonGecko
    I think Mrs Gecko has bought me the BT1 for Christmas...
  7. Tex Irie
    The Shure BT1 cable is probably not suitable for physical activity unless you clip it to your clothing or hat. The battery pack makes it prone to excessive movement. The Shure BT1 cable seems to get pretty close to its advertised 8 hours at moderate volume. Cranking the volume up may net about 6 hours. I found out today that the westone Bluetooth cable would get 3.5 hours at high volume and around 8 hours at normal volume. I find the westone cable to be so comfortable it practically vanishes during physical activity. I like both products but ultimately prefer the westone cable.
  8. m4rkw
    What is the westone cable like to use with Shure IEMs? Is the cable long enough that you can loop them over your ears comfortably?
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  9. Tex Irie
    They sound ridiculously good with the SE215, SE535, and SE846. There is sufficient wire to comfortably loop the cable over your ears. It feels like a vanishing fit because you can wear them for hours on end. My only quibble is that the cable could have had a little more memory retention. That would have probably prevented the cable from slipping over my ear when in the gym. If you are not sweating this is nothing to worry about.
  10. tonehk
    The Westone cable is much better ergonomically than the Shure. The Shure cable is very bulky, and with my gym use has slightly inferior connection reliability. However, the Wx earphone is not very good, very dark sounding. My suggestion is to buy the Westone (cable only) and separately buy an earphone. I am currently using UM Pro 50, and is a perfect match.
  11. tinyman392
    I should also add that MEE Audio has also released their own BT cable that runs for 60 dollars. I guess this market is starting to get "flooded" as well.
  12. m4rkw
    Thanks, have ordered now that Amazon has it back in stock.
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  13. Tex Irie
    You're welcome M4RKW.
  14. Tex Irie
    What does that UM Pro 50 sound like?
  15. tonehk
    UM 50 Pro is slightly V shaped with excellent clarity. Best part for me is the full but tight bass.
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