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Westone W80

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  1. John Culter
    Westone Launches New Signature Product!
    Westone, the leader in high performance in-ear audio, announced the launch of the newest high end in-ear monitor, the Signature Series W80. "Three years in the making, the Signature W80 is the quintessential achievement of industry pioneers Kris and Karl Cartwright. Every detail of the W80 was purpose built from the ground up in order to provide the most comfortable, best sounding, and luxurious experience possible." said Blake Gaiser, Director of Product and Marketing. "No other product on the market today has gone to the extent that Westone has with the W80 to provide the best sounding earphones, the highest quality cable, and the most luxurious carry case and accessories. Everything about the W80 is desirable."
    Westone W80 with ALO Cable
    The Signature W80 features eight proprietary drivers impeccably tuned with a passive 3-way crossover to create an unbelievably immersive listening experience. Masterfully engineered, the W80 makes no compromises delivering reference level audio by integrating full size dual bass drivers with dual mid and quad high drivers as well as ALO Audio's proven hifi "Reference 8" cable. The result is the most comfortable, ergonomically designed earphone on the market with a wider, deeper and a far more "holographic" presentation with improved dynamic range, increased micro details, enhanced black background, expansive harmonic content with tremendous accuracy and an extensive sound stage. MSRP $1,499 Available starting October 2016 in select countries and worldwide by November 2016.  
    Can't wait for more details :)
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  2. musicday
  3. Sonic Ecstasy
    $1,499 would directly be competing with Rhapsodio Galaxy. I'd be interested tobsee if the W80 can even match 80% of the Galaxy's performance.
  4. musicday
    I hope that is doesn't retain same build quality with the removable plastic face plates like W60.
  5. Kundi
    Is it me or does Westone not do a good job of advertising their products? Website doesn’t say anything about W80’s. Instagram has nothing either.
  6. musicday
    Hope is not a prototype to show us what they can make and release it end of the year.
  7. Deftone
    could be good... 
  8. twister6 Contributor
    ordinarymim, XSAMURAI and John Culter like this.
  9. Sonic Ecstasy
    Does it even come close to the similarly priced K10u?
  10. audio123

    k10u isnt a good reference point as I find the bass very boomy on the k10u
  11. Deftone
    Those drivers must be tiny
  12. Sonic Ecstasy

    What about the Galaxy?
  13. Kundi
  14. musicday
    I hear you,but they still made of same plastic like W60.
    If they haven't changed that , then lots potential buyers will move to different brands.
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