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New Head-Fier
Jul 18, 2009
Hi All,

I am a beginer, and need someone to advise please.
Thank you for your help.

I have one full size head phone is Grado sr325is and I need to buy another one in ears phone from the one of WESTONE UM3X, SHURE SE530 and ULTIMATE EARS TRIPLE.Fi 10PRO but I can not to decision.
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Of the three you specify, for me it has to be Triples -wide, spacious soundstage, very respectable bass and a slice of the most delectable clear treble definition in one refined yet headkicking package. The mids will not claw out your ears either, lol.

But to be really useful, you should tell us what your preferred sound is ( does it follow your fullsize HP choice?) - you may prefer more upfront mids (vocals etc) or less bass for example - also, budget and music preferences.......
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I've had all three for extensive periods and currently own TF10Pro and UM3X.

I prefer UM3X, then TF10Pro then SE530 but all are excellent and should not dissapoint. Many people have fit issues with TF10Pro so be careful. I can only get a secure fit with complys which I am okay with.
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i have the same problem what one i have to own kkkkk
i have the super fi 5eb

i like him but i miss hi quality and, the phone have too much bass some times, with my cowon i have to cut some of the bass, i like responsive bass with impressive and detailed highs!!! what u recomend?
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There's more you can add to the list like the Sennheiser IE8 and Audio Techica CK100.

Frankly, there's a lot of great IEMs. Not all need to be $300 though, and products like the Eytmotic ER4S and Phonak Audio PFE are outstanding products in their own rights at half the price. Even something like Denon's C751 or Head Direct's RE0 are very good products at just a third of the price.

In the end, it all comes down to the specific aspects you are looking for, your personal preferences. These will determine which earphone is a best fit for you personally. Something will function darn near perfectly for your own, specific preferences. The hard part is finding which products actually fit those preferences well. It can be quite a challenge, even if you have a lot of reviews and user comments to fall back on. I do find a lot of the comments decently accurate, but it takes a lot of data collection to get a good big picture view of a product, at least enough so where you can make a sound judgement.

A lot of the headphones I've mentioned I've run. I recently purchased the Triple.Fi but have never used the SE530 or Westone 3 or UM3X(not sure the difference), or CK100. You will find a lot of earphones do certain things wonderfully, but it's very hard to find something that does everything wonderfully. I've liked a lot of the earphones I've run, just for different reasons. Some were a better fit for my personal tastes then others.
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Seriously only your ear will give you the best answer.

I did what you did too.. much researching about people's opinion about them but only when I bought my Westone UM3X to realize it wasn't too my liking..
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Yep, you will find even after reading a lot of comments and reviews, you still only get part of the picture. It's a little unfortunate. However, earphones do retain value well, and buying, trying, and selling them isn't all that bad on your wallet, although it's a shame you pretty much have to go through that effort to finally find a product you can really fall in love with. I think I've tried around 10 IEMs so far over a wide range of prices. I find good qualities in each both have a hard time finding all the qualities together in one product. For example, I have the Triple.Fi now but am still curious if something like the CK100 or UM3X would still be a better fit for me. The Triple.Fi has quallities I like but so do the CK100 and UM3X. Which holistically fits my preferences better? I have no clue until I try them all. That's sort of the way it goes.
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I'd recommend buying one of the top earphones second hand and then coming back to the forums with your impressions. From there we can help judge which one might suit you. You can usually sell off the earphones for almost no loss (except shipping) if you buy them at the right price.

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