westone um2 vs etymotic er-4p and klipsch x10 with zune 120gb
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Headphoneus Supremus
Jun 4, 2005
I have each of the listed IEH above and have used all of them with my zune 120 and have found that the westone picks up all kinds of electronic static from the zune and amplifies noise from the hard drive as well....when using the westone if i simply put my finger onto the pad it makes an electronic noise that is not only audible but distracting..when i change menus or songs i hear the hard drive noise quite dramatically to the point of distraction....with either of the etymotic or klipsch this problem is only slightly noticeable at all....I have used 3 different zunes because i thought that perhaps a different unit would be different and i have used several westone um2 units as well with the same results every time....i am wondering why this should be so and whether or not there is anything i can do...presently,i do not use the westones with the zune because of this problem but when i use the same westone pair with my old creative zen vision m i hear nothing,complete silence so it appears there is something inherent with the zune.....if anyone out there knows what this problem might be or a cure i would greatly appreciate it...again,i have used various combinations of zunes and westone um2's so it is not an issue of a faulty player or earphone...again,any help would be appreciated....perhaps it has something to do with the westone being more efficient and playing substantially ouder which they do?...

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