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Westone UM PRO Series Thread

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  1. BKG22
    A Picture is worth a thousand words. Unfortunately death/black/doom metal edition was too long to fit on the box so we just call it the B series. And I should note, those are definitely not plastic clips... B.jpg
  2. davidcotton
    New insides or "just" bluetoothed models of the existing range? Also is there going to be a refresh of the westone "w" range or are we going to have to wait for that?
  3. megabigeye
    What? You're saying I talk too much and don't make sense?! :wink:

    DSCF0029 copy.jpg
    Above, you can see the Comply tips are a little shorter than the orange or red tips, but about the same length as the grey.

    DSCF0031 copy.jpg
    DSCF0032 copy.jpg
    In these two you can see that the Comply tip can go all the way into the Westone tip and that the red tip's nozzle and "skirt" are longer than the comply, but the grey tip is slightly shorter.

    DSCF0034 copy.jpg
    If you're not careful, the Comply will slide up the nozzle of the longer Westone tip when you put it on the earphone. With care, you can prevent this from happening.

    DSCF0033 copy.jpg
    If you look closely, you can see that there is a small space between the in-ear end of the silicone tip and the Comply. You can vaguely see light shining through that area.

    No, I wasn't comparing the True-Fit, as I find those alter the sound too much for me and are also uncomfortable. My only comparisons are between the different silicone tips mated with the Comply tips.
    The wax guard version of the Comply won't work because the guard will keep it from sliding onto the Westone tip.

    And yes, I read your review of the Symbios. I've got them on order and they'll hopefully be here soon. Unless there's something wrong with the Symbios or you happen to have Comply T-400 lying around, I don't really recommend doing it this way, as it costs more than just ordering Symbios.
  4. BKG22
    New insides, new tuning, new inbox, metal shells.

    As for W: New shells, new tuning, new inbox, metal clips, bluetooth and more. W10 and 20 just consist of new inbox materials. Biggest change with W40 and W60. W.jpg
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  5. israfil
    Look nice, any new series for UM?:L3000:
  6. BKG22
    Nothing to share at the moment
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  7. davidcotton
    Interesting, no w30 this time then?
  8. BKG22
    W30 is officially EOL.
  9. twister6 Contributor
    I think that explains B30 and B50, for everybody who b!tched and moaned about W50 being a basshead IEM :D
  10. BKG22
    Many people out there love the basshead but don't want to lose the mids and highs. We designed this line with those customers in mind :)
  11. gazzington
    Looks like b50 for me
  12. tonehk
    Hi, will there be any change to the sound tuning for W80?
  13. HiFiGuy528

    New sound improvements on W80 as well? IMHO, W80 is crazy good for only $1500 and it scales very well. I pair mine with the new Sony DMP-Z1 and the sound is stunning. If the new W80 is improved, I MUST own. :)
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  14. twister6 Contributor
    W80 is down to $1k now, before W80 v2 release. Hopefully will get a chance to hear W80 v2 at CanJam NYC in a few weeks. I assume you (Woo Audio) will be in the same separate room on the left side, like every year? :wink:
  15. assassin10000
    I decided to see if we can use that SE530/SE535 acoustic filter mod on my UM Pro 10. From this thread:

    It is a little more involved than I expected but not too difficult. There were two 'hurdles'. First is that the Shure owners are able to remove their filters and just slide the new ones in. Ours have some sort of flexible silicone or pva glue used to retain the acoustic filter. It's not hard to get the filter out, as I was able to use the cleaning tool to do so. But I had to work at it for a few minutes. The glue cleans up easily using the filter tool in the nozzle and your fingernails on the filter.

    The other difficulty is that the I.D. of our nozzles are slightly larger than the 2.08mm O.D. of the filters. Which the glue made up for, otherwise the filters would fall right out. I considered picking up some silicone or PVA glue with a mild or weak bond that would remain flexible like the original adhesive. Instead I decided to make it easier to change the filters, that way I could A/B them and choose the signature I liked best... or whenever I felt like changing it.

    To do so, I slightly increased the O.D. of the filters by adding a very thin layer of easy to remove material with my small hot glue gun. I was able to set the glue gun on the counter with the nozzle pointing upwards and stick the filters on the end of the cleaning tool. I would then place the side of the filter against the nozzle of the gun which had a little bit of hot glue coating it and rotate the side against it for a thin and somewhat even coat of the hot glue. I let the glue cool for a few seconds on the filter while blowing across it, then check the filter on the IEM nozzle for a slip fit. If too much (won't fit) or too little (too loose) I would simply rotate it on the nozzle again against additional glue or the area with little to no glue as I had wiped one side clean at the start. Kept going until I had the fit I wanted for all the acoustic filters. Slips in but is not so loose that it falls out or moves when tapping or shaking the IEM's.


    Parts ordered:
    BF-1999-000 Grey 330Ω
    BF-1859-000 White 680Ω
    BF-1860-000 Brown 1000Ω
    BF-1861-000 Green 1500Ω
    BF-1921-000 Red 2200Ω

    Here they are, with the originally installed green filters from Westone. One side still has the flexible adhesive on it.
    20190128_152454 (1).jpg

    Short notes on how I think the acoustic filters altered sound on my UM Pro 10 v2 (using foam tips):
    Grey 330Ω: Ok bass, forward and almost harsh upper mids / lower treble. I guess it could also be called a bit shouty.
    White 680Ω: Good bass, neutral to slightly forward mids and highs. Better clarity. Not sibilant or harsh.
    Brown 1000Ω: Good bass, slightly recessed to neutral for both mids and highs. Good clarity. Still smooth but not lush.
    Green 1500Ω: Good bass, somewhat recessed mids and somewhat reduced highs. Ok clarity. Lush and smooth. Original acoustic filter from Westone for the UM Pro 10
    Red 2200Ω: A very bass heavy signature, recessed mids and reduced highs. Only listened for a couple minutes.

    I've settled on using the White 680Ω acoustic filters for the moment as they fit the sound signature I currently like the best. The Brown 1000Ω being a very close second.

    I do still use a 10 band EQ, but with these only near the top and bottom of the frequency range where the single BA of my UM Pro 10 rolls off. Where as before I was adjusting across the whole range.

    EDIT: Changed to a wide mouth foam tip and to the Brown 1000Ω filters. The wider tip doesn't attenuate as much.
    Last edited: Jan 29, 2019
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