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Westone UM PRO Series Thread

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  1. assassin10000
    Good looking out, I checked and fortunately the discontinued ones are their old opaque plastic models that were replaced with the new clear housing ones. They just have older models still in stock to sell.
  2. twister6 Contributor
    Do you mean the original bean-shaped UM Pro v1 models vs the newer flatter UM Pro v2? I would be careful with v1 models, to make sure you are buying from an authorized seller (only Westone can verify that). Amazon can have multiple sellers under the same listing. Since v1 been discontinued for awhile, there are 3rd party places selling these and you WILL end up without a warranty.

    ... OK, just went on amazon (US) and checked under UM Pro 10, 20, 30, and 50. Each listing has "current" and "discontinued" model. All the current models are sold by Westone. All discontinued models have lots of different sellers, some not even from US, and most likely not even authorized Westone dealers. While saving money, you are taking a risk and if the shell cracks or cable breaks, Westone not gonna replace it if you purchased a discontinued model from a 3rd party unauthorized seller.
  3. assassin10000
    Sorry, I wasn't clear. I meant fortunately the discontinued ones are the old V1 of the UM Pro's and not what I am looking for.

    I'm only interested in the new V2 UM Pro's.
  4. gazzington
    I think I'm going to get um pro 50. I take it these would sound rather good for death/black/doom metal out of a fiio q5?
  5. assassin10000
    Anyone here try to alter the tuning of their Westones with different acoustic filters?

    Like the shure thread below here:

    I took a look in my v2 UM Pro 10's and can see what appears to be a green acoustic filter.

    Also, just an fyi. Small T400 size foam tips can fit directly into medium silicone starlines if you want to try your own hybrid tip. Other sizes like medium into large may also work but YMMV.

    megabigeye likes this.
  6. megabigeye
    Ah! Great idea! That's a it's-so-simple-why-didn't-I-think-of-it level of cleverness.
    I think I've got some medium T-400 I might be able to try it with.
  7. BKG22
    If I were you I'd hold off on buying that UMPro 50 until, well I'd say February 15 or so... I think there will be something similar available that will sound even better for that kind of music...
  8. gazzington
    Thanks! Will do.
  9. megabigeye
    Yep. Medium T-400 works in the medium Westone silicone tips, both long (red) and short (grey/black) nozzles.
    With the red, I didn't notice much of a discernable difference in sound. With the grey, perhaps there's an increase in mid-bass? Somewhat surprisingly, isolation isn't any better than with the silicone tips alone, which is one of the things I'm hoping the Symbios (on their way) will improve.
  10. assassin10000
    I have some Round/Ball shaped T400 tips (medium) and they fit the larger orange silicone starlines. They are too short to completely fill the silicone skirt/tube. Did you try your medium T400 in the large tips?
    Last edited: Jan 22, 2019
  11. megabigeye
    I didn't, mostly because I don't get a good seal with the large Westone tips. I will say that the standard, medium T-400 is a different shape and isn't quite as long as the longer red silicone, so there's a small void between the two tips. I couldn't get it to go away. The grey tip is slightly too short, so the Comply is spilling out of the back end, but I don't notice any void at the end nearer the eardrum. I kind of assume this little void is the reason for the difference in mid-bass... Though that could even just be the difference between the red and grey, never mind the Comply.

    EDIT: Okay, I tried it with the orange and it works. The Comply are shorter than the orange tips, but the shape allows them to slide all the way together. You just have to make sure the Comply doesn't slide back up when you put them on the earphone nozzle. Same goes for the red tips; I was able to eliminate that little void near the end. Somewhat surprisingly, I get a slightly better seal with the orange+Comply than red+Comply and much better than orange alone. For me, orange+Comply and grey+Comply have a similar amount of mid-bass.
    Last edited: Jan 22, 2019
  12. twister6 Contributor
    I think it will be great if you take some pictures to share in the thread, you know, it worth a thousand words :wink:

    Btw, I'm assuming we are talking about Comply vs Westone Tru-Fit foam tips? Just trying to follow what you're doing. Again, assuming that you want to use Comply only because it's shorter than Westone foam tips? If I recall correctly, Comply had a version with wax-guard where there was sort of a "screen" inside of the bore, maybe that can help you to prevent the eartip from sliding arong the nozzle+spacer/adapter?

    Another thing, I mentioned before and had a mini write up here, have you considered Symbio eartips? You can use them with a spacer as well, and these hybrid eartips are as comfortable as silicone tips while have foam inside for a better isolation.

    westone_eartips-04.jpg westone_eartips-05.jpg

    While I know Comply does a good job, for me personally they irriate a crap out of my ears after extended use. Westone Tru-Fit never irritate my ears, but I need to use the largest "orange" size which is too long and sticks out. So, Symbio is a good alternative in this case. Of course, YMMV, all a matter of personal ear anatomy :wink: But, it's another option.
  13. gazzington
    Matter of interest what price range are we talking?
  14. twister6 Contributor
    OK, so if I'm going to put 2 and 2 together, Feb 15th is the day before CanJam NYC which you (Westone) is attending :wink: Care to spill more beans or do we have to wait until the show? Are you releasing a special "death/black/doom metal" edition of UM Pro or something brand new? :D
  15. BKG22
    $699.99 but will be well worth it
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