Westone True-fit & Star Tips fit kit trade post
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Jan 15, 2009
So I bought the fit kit knowing that only half (at most) of the sizes would even potentially be a good fit for me, as I have small ear canals.  I was hoping that there might be some other folks out there who might be in the same boat at me, but for a different size.
I've listed the sizes that I have never even tried on (although I might have touched by hand while sorting them out) below, in hopes that someone might not have used the smallest size tips (green) and would like to trade.  I was hoping to just simply stick them in a mini plastic zip bag inside a regular envelope and sending it normal postage.  Might be risky, but I wasn't planning on on using the larger tips anyway.  Anyone else feel the same way?  If we can work out a trade, send me a PM and we can exchange shipping info.  Unfortunately for me, I'd like to limit it to the US if possible.
If anyone else wants to use this thread to find trade partners, please do!  Thanks!
True-fit & Star Tips I have available:
Red both
Orange both
Blue both
True-fit & Star Tips I want:
Green both
Black True-fit

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