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Westone ES5 for sale. FINAL PRICE DROP 450€ Also open for a trade for Hifiman HE-500.

Discussion in 'Headphones for Sale / Trade' started by metalboy, Jan 20, 2012.
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  1. Metalboy
    For Sale
    Hi, I´am selling my Westone ES5 in perfect condition. 1 month old after I got them completly redone by Variphone. Comes with all accessories.
    Iam in EU (sweden) so people from EU don´t have to pay customs etc. Price is 470 Euro inc shipping in EU. You pay paypal.
  2. Metalboy
    Price lowered to 470€
  3. toddc4931
    Hi, I'm interested in buying your es5s but wonder how I might go about having them refitted and how much that would cost compared to purchasing a completely new pair. Thanks for your advice.
  4. toddc4931
    Hi again,
    Would you consider trading your ES5 for my HiFi Man HE 5-LE. I purchased my HE 5 LEs from Head Direct last year and I'm expecting a brand new replacement pair to arrive very shortly (had some difficulty with signal dropping out in left ear piece of the original pair, new pair shipping from Hi Fi man agent in Hong Kong tomorrow). Have original box, cables, balanced adapter etc. I burnt in but otherwise have hardly used the stock cables as I've instead used Stefan Audio art Endorphin replacements with wire termination (connected directly to speaker posts of my Cambridge Audio 840 Amp). I rarely use my home base set up as I'm out and about so much. I expect I could sell my Endorphin cables to help cover cost of reshell and cable up-grade for ES5 and may sell my amp and CD player soon. Anyway, let me know what you think.
    Best regards, Todd
  5. Evilcalyptic
    Pending Trade :wink:
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