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Westone direct....

  1. maceto
    Hi Shaun,

    Why is it that you have to go through Belgium to get Westone, I know the EU distributor is located there, but makes the prices extremly high... As far as I can tell you could become an official distributor for Westone ( from what I can gather from their webpages) and thus sell them for abot 260 pound..... 3 as well as UM3x or is Westone set to go through one distrubitor in EMEA? As they don't see much business due to this as the price is way higher in the UK than anywhere else due to this. I personaly would like to get them, but not for 345...

    Can you elaborate as to why no direct import to the UK as killing their UK sales vs. their competition
  2. shaun_g
    Yes, it's rather frustrating. I've made contact again today with Westone to see what we can do about this. We'd love to stock Westone earphones at a reasonable price.
  3. WithBadIntent
    I am also interested in this subject as I would love to purchase the new Westone 1 True-Fit IEM's but I cannot find them in the UK yet, though they were only released this September. If I could purchase them as well from HiFi Headphones that would be also ideal, as they have given nothing but good service.
  4. DaeO

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