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Westone 4r, UM3X, UM2 upgrade cable by Zephone Eris cable

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  1. flame
    For Sale
    Up for grap is westone 4r, UM3X and UM2 upgrade cable by Zephone.
    It is handmade in China, silver plated copper cable, terminated with 3.5 Neutrik right angle, 1.2m long.
    Purchased from Hong Kong authorized retailer.
    Personally own a UM3X, which sound a bit too forward and uncontrol bass to me (somewhat muff at times).
    With Zephone, it enlarges the soundstage, draw the music back a little (no more throwing music in my face) background is even more clean and clear.
    Bass is more control (easily noticeable) with a smoother high (song used: vita's opera 2)
    So if it so good, why do i have to give it up?
    The cable isn't too flexible, on a scale of 1-5, 5 being too stiff, i would rank this 3/5.
    I tend to travel a lot cuz of my job nature, it is a hassle for me not being able to roll it up small enough to fit in my westone zip case, just have to go back to the OEM now.
    Original price:
    I paid USD $ 130, my selling price USD$ 40 with free shipping worldwide.
    Prefer paypal gift payment option. If it has to be through other paypal method, there will be a fee.
    Thanks for looking.
Thread Status:
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