westone 4 with zo2?
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Apr 19, 2013
hello there! first off i am very sorry if i didn't post this in the right place but im new to this so please be kind.
i am currently waiting on a pair of westone 4's to be delivered to pair with my colorfly c3 and a digizoid zo2.3. i am trying to find a nice balance between an analytical, detailed, spacious sound and a more musical sound that allows for the "fun factor" and for a good strong low end but not to where it overwhelms the mids or highs. i dont mind a little bit of fullness/color being introduced into the mids and highs (in fact i prefer it) however not at the expense of detail (obviously detail will decrease but needs to be as minimal as possible) and definately not at the expense of the soundstage.
that said im wondering if i wouldnt have just been better off pairing my colorfly c3 with the westone 3's and just keep it simple with no amp rather than to go with the westone 4 and the digizoid? i was hoping to get more out of the 4's with the digizoid however ive seen some reviews claim that the digizoid dramatically decreases the detail and sound stage on the 4's. this makes me think i would actually get a better balance of analytical/ musical with the 3's???????? im so lost right now! i wish i could try before i buy somehow but i dont think thats possible where i live.
in any case im hoping there may be someone out there who has experienced the c3, digizoid combo with the westone 4's..... as well as the c3, and westone 3 together and can give me some feedback? it will be very much appreciated. thanks so much guys!
(sorry for the length)

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