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Westone 3, will they satisfy me?

  1. chris1474
    So I'm wondering if the Westone 3 will be what I am looking for. I listen to a lot of Classic Rock and Metal and occasionally dubstep. I like to hear powerful bass in my music. I don't want it to be distorted but I do want it to punch. I've read some reviews that tell me the Westone 3 will do this but I am still a little skeptical. I have had the Westone UM1 in the past and they had no bass at all. I currently have the Klipsh s4 and I like the amount of bass it has but I still want more. Can someone tell me if the Westone 3 will do what I want and if not can you let me know the model of a pair of IEMs that will?
    Edit: I returned the s4 for the iBeats and they seem to be ok, but I would still like higher quality sound.
  2. hkppl
    I would say UM3XRC will be the better choice for classics. W3 will be ok for rock and metal.
    Overall, for your case, I would prefer UM3XRC as it is more neutral to all your genres, and you could use aftermarket cable to adjust its sound. Or you could pay a little bit more for the W4R [​IMG]
  3. chris1474
    To clarify, I do not listen to classical music. I listen to Classic Rock (70's-early 90's rock) and Metal mostly. Those two constitute 90% of my listening and are the only two genres I care about sounding good. I also occasionally listen to dubstep and very very rarely I will listen to some acoustic music. I am really looking for a pair of earphones that will make my Metal and Rock sound amazing, especially during the breakdowns when that double bass pedal hits. I know this isn't everyone's cup of tea but that's what I'm looking for. If the quality and quantity of the W3's bass is better than that of the Klipsh S4 and Beats iBeats then I think I will be ok with them. So are there any people out there that want to share their thoughts on the Westone 3? Has anyone here ever listened to Disturbed or Korn through them? What did you think. All advice and input is appreciated.
  4. roadcykler
    I have the W3's and am very happy with them. I think they do great in the bass department but I also have custom ear pieces and I'm sure that alters the sound some. I would still think they would work for the type of music you listen to because I listen to similar music with the exception of dubstep. I've heard a couple of songs by The Prodigy and there was definitely good bass. But, as with everything, you experiences may be different.
  5. chris1474
    I am actually considering getting custom earpieces as well. How much did that cost you?
  6. djvkool
    They could be tricky to get a perfect fit, due to the 'fat' body...
  7. ss2625
    i have the w3, and they have much more bass than the um1 or the um3x.
    compared to the s4? cant say because i didnt hear side by side, but by memory i feel the w3 has better bass and also does not lose out much on the quantity
  8. chris1474
    Are they much bigger than the UM1s?
  9. Young Spade
    Simply google images of them in people's ears? 
    Think about what you're trying to get, your goal, and then find out what you need to know to reach it.
    Goal: W3?
    Read what's already written on this site. There are literally, thousands of posts about the W3's sound signature and how people feel regarding your favorite genres. 
    Google "westone 3 in ears" "x iem in ears" and see what they look like if you want to know. 
    At this point, and not to sound cruel or rain on the parade, the phones are multiple years old and everything that can be said about them has been said. You'll get your results a lot faster by just reading and using the tools you have at your disposal. 
    But to give you a straight answer, they'll be great for your genres. They are "fun", by the community's standards, with a V shaped signature. 
    If you don't know what those terms mean, look at the glossary listed at the top of the forums. 
  10. Pianist
    I think that for your needs a JVC FXT90 will do the job perfectly fine and is much cheaper than Westone 3. I also think it sounds way more enjoyable and natural than Westone 3. From memory, the bass on the JVCs is more powerful than that of Westones with a good fit, but is also higher in quality. FXT90 is much more textured and controlled in the low end and balanced very well with the mids, whereas Westone 3 has excessive emphasis on mid to upper bass that tends to drown out the lower mids. My main issue with Westone 3 though is a lack of coherency in the sound - I could easily tell that there were three drivers dissecting my music and the pieces just didn't connect properly for me. It was a very unnatural listening experience to my ears. FXT90 adds very good depth to the sound, especially for an IEM while remaining very coherent and much more accurate at retrieving locational cues in recordings than Westone 3. In other aspects, like speed, clarity, detail, extension, etc, I feel that FXT90 is at least very close to or better than Westone 3. You should also consider such IEMs as Future Sonics Atrio MG7, JVC FX500 and FX700, Monster Turbine Pro series and Radius IEMs among others with bass oriented sound signatures. I owne FX700 for some time and found them a bit excessive in mid bass and overly recessed in the midrange, but your mileage may vary. I find FXT90 much better balanced, while still providing enough boost in the low end to satisfy most people IMO.
  11. chris1474
    I did look for some reviews on the Westone 3. I read in many places that they had good bass but how am I supposed to know how that was meant? Good bass could be in reference to quantity or quality. I'm looking for both. I posted my own topic because I wanted people to know what I had experienced before and I wanted to see what people said about them in comparison to the phones I had tried before. 
  12. issuzark
    Something tells me he's into Dynamic Drivers instead of BAs. Judging by the way the OP mentioned iBeats and W1 is not enough for him?
    I've also heard that W3 is quite bassy, but I've never heard it myself, and my personal impression is that Westones will never be as bassy as Dynamic IEMs.
    OP, I personally recommend the JVC FXT90 or a Radius DDM. :)
  13. che15
    I owned the denon d7000 and own the lcd2 which both have some of the best bass o all headphones outthere . I also own the westone 3 and I have to say that it's bass is not far behind the previously mentioned headphones. In both quantity and quality , it is not the most detailed bass , like the one I hear out of my HD 800 with a great amp and source, but it is good enough for me to always enjoy my W3.

    I think u would love the W3.

    Good luck
  14. chris1474
    So I received my Westone 3 and I like them so far. I'm going to burn them in for a few days and see what they sound like after that.
  15. djvkool
    Don't get me wrong, perfectly fitted W3 sounds absolutely sublime...
    I get perfect fit and seal if I use Atrio's triple flange - but the fact that its fat body makes my ear very unconfortable after 20-25 mins.
    The bass should be big, but tight and punchy, think of TF10 but much more refined - IMHO

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