Westone 3 Replacements
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Oct 8, 2006
Just an update post after a long absence. After 4 years of hard, nearly-everyday (and trouble-free) use - My W3s cable failed, first just beyond the strain relief at the plug, then after a frankenstein-solder repair similar failures at each earpiece - first the left which I also repaired but then the right and at this point I threw in the towel and called Westone. About the last year or so I developed the habit of often wearing these to bed and I'm sure the added wear and tear of sleepily stuffing them under a pillow before nodding off finally took its toll - otherwise I was extremely careful with the cables never kinking them or winding too tight.  Knowing it was out of warranty I was happy to obtain a replacement of this essential device for $175US plus shipping (they also offered a brand new pair of W4s for $100 off their normal price). The replacement came in its own zippered pouch, and Westone threw in some foam eartips. I immediately noticed the much needed longer length on the Y portions of the cord - it could now be worn comfortably below the chin without having to remove the small tensioner like the old cord (Guess I got one of the originals...). Same wonderful sound - thank God I still had a pair of UM2s for backup or I couldn't survive the two-odd weeks it took for the turn-around (I was pretty casual about it). But I'm back up and running; Thumbs up to Westone, I've been totally satisfied with the original set and now the replacement. Yippee, Skippy!

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