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Westone 2 True-Fit IEM Appreciation & Impressions Thread...

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  1. igotyofire
    So will this blow my westone UM1's out of the water if i plan on upgrading. More bass & more forward? I listen to alot of generas & alot of hip-hop lately.
  2. Spyro
    It will be better but if you listen to Hip Hop, W3 is really the way to go.
  3. aman1420
    Sooo....I managed to snag a pair for $184 (upgraded ship speed included) from Overstock.com..... :D
    However, I didn't get the 1/8 to 1/4 adapter, as well as the volume control device.....sigh...
  4. gans1988
    Just bought a westone 2 amp'd. My previous iem was a westone um3x, that I used for around 2.5 years.  I find the westone 2 great change of pace from the um3x, but there is a noticeable lack of bass and doesn't seem to have the clarity that the um3x has.  I am still enjoying the westone 2's greatly, for the 2 hours I have listened to them so far. 
    They do well when playing music that has a greater vocal presentation, but I feel its problems are with instrument separation, but that my be due to the um3x doing so well in that regard.
    The reason I decided to buy the westone 2 are due to its great reviews as doing everything well, though, maybe not great. I listen to all types of music so that works for me.   I wanted to upgrade to westone 4 but many have said its similar to the um3x, so I thought maybe it best be I try something a little different sounding.  Plus the price hike from um3x to westone 4 is too significant for me to justify a small increase in SQ.
    Another reason I got the westone 2 is because i have extremely small ears.  The westone um3x I thought was a good and comfortable fit, but I could feel the housing pressing around the groove of my ear where it was held.  Not all the time but sometimes when I wasn't immersed in the music or had my mp3 off, I would know that the um3x were still on my ear.  Never bothered me at all.
    However, these westone 2 however seem to disappear 30 seconds after I put them on.  Extremely comfortable. 
    Anyways, I am appreciating the westone 2, but will unfortunately have to say at the moment I still prefer and believe the sound of the um3x to be better. However, I've listened to the westone 2 for only 2 hours or so, so my opinion could change.  But I see myself  buying a um3x again in the future since I had to sell it to fund for the westone 2. 
  5. eclipes
    I wanted to sell the Um3x and get the um2 instead to get some cash for other goodies but i know I will regret it. The sound quality difference will be too significant. Um3x is still currently one of the best universals out there. Wanted to upgrade to the w4 but tested it and didn't like it a single bit. You should have reshelled your um3x if you wanted a change.

  6. HeadphoneAddict Contributor


    I think that is about what I warned you about in a PM.
    Quote by HeadphoneAddict:
  7. gans1988


    Well I started off with a westone um2, and it was great in my opinion. Had approximately 1 year use out of it before I decided to sell and get the um3x.  Also I don't think the westone um3x is miles ahead of the westone 2 in terms of sound quality. I think that the um3x just does certain things better like bass, clarity, and instrument seperation.  The westone 2 however still provide equal sound quality in the mids, they have a more diverse sound stage as I believe the westone um3x are kind of in your face.  Also the comfort for me is perfect. I'm enjoying them, but I do miss the bass but I guess that's why I have denon d7000's for. lol. Oh and here's a pic of the westone 2 on my ears. 
    I actually found a pic of the westone 2 on someone elses ears. It was funny at the difference in size.  It's the first post but the last image.  http://www.head-fi.org/t/493113/westone-2-picture-gallery
    Headphoneaddict, I replied to you in a pm.  But ye, I took the plunge into the westone 2's anyways as I was able to get it for a discount plus get the amp'd version and that 2 year warranty which saved my ass before on my westone um3x, as I crushed them.  lol, luckily westone sent me a brand new one lol.  Also, comfort is key for me, as is warranty because for something so small, to cost around 200-300 I want to make sure I'm covered if anything goes wrong.
  8. eclipes
    oh thats good to hear that you like the Westone 2, but i was referring to the UM2 not the westone 2's. I personally don't like the "personal listening series" but the UM2 and Um3x are my favourite from Westone. Check out the Um2 and compare it with your westone 2 to see which one you like more.

  9. Codefox
    I've had my W2s for about a week now and I am very happy with them.  I have a pair of Shure 215s that I've twice now had issues with the earpiece going out.  As much as I love the fit and isolation they provide (and the sound) I travel so much and twice have been on trips without music for 2 weeks at a time.  (They of course would go out on a Monday at the start of a 2 week trip)  Since I couldn't rely on those I fell back on my Monster Turbines which sounded about the same but didn't isolate nearly as well.  That worked for a few weeks until I managed to leave them in a rental car.
    I brought the 215s along after that but I've always found the best place to go shopping for new earphones is the InMotion store at the airport.  They have a decent selection.  They had the Westone 1 - 4 in the store and since they let you try them, I tried on the Westone 2s.  I've always wanted a dual driver IEM and this seemed like the one!  I was really impressed with the fit.  Its very similar to the Shure 215s in my ears but even better since they're smaller.
    They definitely don't have as much bass emphasis as the Turbines or 215s (like I needed to even say that...) but I love how they sound.  Wish I was better at describing the sound but they don't seem to be missing anything to me.  I'm sure there's better out there (I'd love to try the W3s) but more than I'd like to spend.
  10. Silver
    I am using Galaxy Nexus as source. I have uploaded my music collection to Google Music so I use the native app. Finding that using equalizer in the app, bass boost off, 3d effect off, but pushing upward the 60 Hz column up (you can listen and adjust on the fly) while all other freq at 0dB, W2 sounds pretty perfect to me.
  11. letsgododgers
  12. davidcotton
    I always felt that the w2's needed a tad more bass (as noted in many reviews)and it would have been perfect for me.  I half wonder now what they would sound out of a warmer mp3 player like an iriver or something.
  13. Skullophile
    For me the W2's would be perfect apart from the lack of sub bass. Much more engaging than W4..
    Maybe I have to get some W3's after all.
  14. davidcotton
    A word of warning that the 3's sound a bit different to the 2's as that's the route I took.  If the 2's had had a touch more bass that would have been it for me.  Several reviews intimated that the engineers (or accountants more like, boo hiss!)put the brakes on the westone 2 to stop it treading on the toes of the 3.
  15. Inks
    W2 is better than W3, W3 is very peaky and the bass is too much and doesn't have that much more subass.
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