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Jun 25, 2001
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Jun 25, 2001
... formerly Vinyl Museum)

What: huge vinyl sale - all $1 LPs now $0.25, all $1.99 LP's now $0.50.
How long: today (Friday, the 29th - Sunday Dec. 1, 2002)
Where: Clearwater (next to Tampa), FL. 2000 Gulf To Bay Blvd.

The records they have here, despite their low price, are very good. There are a lot of retirees around here who sell their collections (typically jazz, easy listening, classical, etc.) or that of their kids (all sorts of rock) and often you find records that are in really nice condition.

All of the rock stuff they often have multiple copies of, so you get to pick and choose the best copy. There are probably 15,000 of them.

The classical selection is nice (probably about 1000 - 1500 records right now) and most of it is in stunning condition. A fair amount of good Deutsche Grammophon and domestic American pressings of decent material and the like.

The Soul/R&B is OK, probably 500 titles, nothing amazing. On the other hand, the "better" copies (which come with an outer plastic slip and are typically priced at about $4 - $5) are in higher supply.

Country is good, probably about the same size as Classical. Can't vouch for the condition, as I didn't go there.

Their biggest selection is of rock and pretty much anything I could imagine from the 50's to the 80's was there, both in the $4 - $5 racks and the $1 - $2 racks.

For the most part, the determinant of one of the higher price tags is a super nice-looking cardboard sleeve, although this isn't always the case (for instance, I've gotten some sweet Nat King Cole and Johnny Mathis platters in stunning condition). It's a good rule of thumb, though.

A majority of the $1 - $2 stuff has some sleeve defect (like a spot or two, some yellowing, a split in one of the bound sides, a missing inner paper slip, etc., though no hugely ugly stuff like bubbled water damage, etc.) Oftentimes, the records in the $1 bins are better (less scratched, less dull-lookign surface, etc.) than a lot of the pricier stuff. Frankly, I could really give a rat's ass, as I am doing this to expose myself to music in mass quantities, not show off my records to friends (although once you stick even the not-so-great ones in a plastic outer sleeve, they all look great and very show-offable).

For instance, I got a nice copy of Cream's Disraeli Gears (great vinyl condition, OK sleeve condition), a ton of great jazz and all sorts of classical in pristine used condition for 25¢ each. Come on!

As soon as I get my Nitty Gritty machine this Christmas, I'm probably never coming out of my room again...except to go the record store!

This is a great opportunity for mass acquisition. I just got 161 sweet platters for $50...my receipt said I saved $188. Happy hunting...

- Sir Mister Matt
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