We're loaning AND giving away a Go-Vibe Porta Tube amp!
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Jaben Australia

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May 18, 2011
First reviews and impressions are now up: http://www.head-fi.org/t/567716/review-jaben-s-govibe-porta-tube-amp-review-thread-ex-demo
I was spending a bit of time in Jaben Singapore and Malaysia (at the KL AV show) and I noticed something...
The Go-Vibe Porta Tube is extremely popular.
The fame has even reached Japan!
One of the folks there bought one, loved it and through word of mouth the Singapore's stores' stock has been depleted! Almost every day I was there someone left disappointed because they couldn't get their hands on one.
Yet I've heard very little about it here, why restrict it to Asia?
Now is your chance to try out this amp to see what it's all about.
Here's some of the dirt:
  1. There's a mini tube inside and you can see it glow!
  2. It lasts up to 10 hours per charge
  3. Very powerful, enough to make my K1000 sing!
  4. Minimum microphonics on most headphones, they worked hard to get the kinks sorted!
  5. Pictures and some impressions here: http://www.head-fi.org/forum/thread/562045/govibe-porta-tube

The rest you can find out yourself. For now, we have demo units reserved for the US and Australia/NZ.
If enough demand comes up, we can add more units to travel around elsewhere.
And that's it! To be a part of this trial as well as draw you just have to reply to this thread with your location and be willing to spare a few bucks to send it to the next person on the list =)
Unfortunately not everyone will get a go so if you're interested sign up early!
We will draw out the winner at the end of the trip, when the little amp will finally get some rest after so much travelling!

You can find them here:
Ok this is how it's going to work... I'll make a list for each amp and we'll go from there. When it gets close to your turn we'll send you a PM
AU/NZ Porta Tube:
***Brooko (NZ) <---- bought his amp!
Chao (VIC)
Tamu (VIC) 
Gadinbot (VIC)
zhunter (NSW)  
Webbie64 (NSW) <---- currently has the amp
pkwak (NSW)
pbjabba (ACT)
boirefish (NSW)
mikaltch (WA)
alvian (NSW)
I moved VIC to first because I'm in VIC and VIC-VIC takes one day by regular post.
USA Porta Tube #1:
The Larch (ME)
Squirelrepublic (WA)
Scompton (VA) 
S1rrah (TX) ?
MohawkUS (CT) ?
Rawster (NYC) ?
MalVeauX (FL) <---- currently has the amp
Howzitboy (Hawaii)
Keithpgdrb (IL)
3rdHalf (NC)
BGRoberts (Missouri) **asked to be bumped down temporarily**
USA Porta Tube #2 (CA):
puresilence (Bay Area) 
Anaxilus (CA)  
xxhaxx (CA)
juman231 (CA) <---- currently has the amp
MulberryMadness (W. LA)
EpicPie (CA)
SennheiserHD (CA)
au5t3n5 (CA)
calpis (CA) bumped down by request
Decided to have two of them going to the US, because at least half of you are from CA and it's so bloody far.
Don't really know the US all that well, for #2 just went to google maps and rearranged it in the most obvious way.
When we've finished with all the CA folks, we'll move that one around the country as well.
I'll start shipping the first ones out mid-week.
Now, some suggestions/rules...
1. You may keep it for up to a week, but if you're done with it early do pass it on to the next guy =)
2. We may require a deposit, it's not a cheap thing afterall. It will be refunded with no fees attached.
3. We'd love to know what you think! Either privately or on the forums, up to you!
4. The winner will be picked out of the list at a date to be determined.
5. The winner is the winner, you can do whatever the hell you want with it. I do have a personal request that it doesn't hit the FS forum for cash within a couple of months of winning it.  If you truly despise it, trade it or give it away to someone you feel would enjoy it more than you do.
6. There may be additions/changes to these rules

DO NOT POST YOUR ADDRESS HERE. Just the city/country

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Hmmm this is interesting, I'd sign up for this but I don't really have anything to compared it to 

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Hi Joshua
If you don't mind it traveling to NZ, I'd love to demo it, and would definitely follow up with a write-up afterwards.
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This is really interesting! I'd love to compare this little gem to my Schiit Lyr & CCa tubes when being paired with the LCD2, and I don't mind to send back or to next person on the list as long as he/she lives in Australia.
Here is my address:
Sydney, NSW
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I'd love to test out this tube amp, I love tube amps and have never triad anything like this one. I don't mind giving my impressions or paying insured shipping and such. Also I can compare it to my Little Dot MK III since it is a tube amp as well although granted it is not very portable haha. I also have a couple other amps I can compare it to as well like a Little Dot MK I+ or even my Burson 160 which would be really fun.

Thank you for doing this and congrats to those who get picked!

Count me in, I live near Pittsburgh, PA, USA my zip code is 15061
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I live in California (91436 zip), and currently have 1 desktop amp (Schiit Lyr) and one portable (Headstage Arrow 12HE 3G) as well as a few different phones with different levels of portability. I haven't tried out very much gear yet, so I would be interested in comparing and seeing how much of a difference there is.
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To be a part of this trial as well as draw you just have to reply to this thread with your location and be willing to spare a few bucks to send it to the next person on the list =)

Yes, please count me in.  Based in Sydney Australia (please PM me for address when/if it's my turn).
Also happy to add this amp to my impressions of many portable amps over the years (Currently seeking an iBasso Boomslang so I can burn in my SR71B in balanced mode).
Hope I make the demo list and thanks very much for the generous opportunity to try the Go-Vibe Porta Tube out.
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I'd be willing to try. I live in the Bay Area (94704). I've had an E7 (currently in RMA limbo) and am currently using a Nuforce Icon HDP.
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I would love to try it. I live in Swan Hill, Victoria 3585 (Australia).
I do own a p3+ and a t3 also a cmoy to compare.

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