Went to a SunO))) concert. Review/thoughts on post 4.
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Enjoy! Should be good.

Wonder if any guests will turn up (Dylan Carlson? Boris? Hmmm..maybe not boris...)

Report back
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Eagle Twin is going to be there. Listened to them on youtube a few minutes ago, thought they were quite good. I would have really liked to go when Justin K Broadrick toured with them... I'd like to see Broadrick period. I'm actually sort of nervous.
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Eagle Twin opened with a 45-minute set, which was absolutely sick. I think sludge metal is how I'd describe it. Very, very intense drumming with quite a few broken or lost sticks, matched with a ridiculously deep guitar (I think it was a baritone guitar judging by the neck). After the first piece, the guitarist got a normal-sized guitar with a totally clear body, which was awesome. For the deep, droning sound that the guitarist produced, it seemed like fairly intricate work. Anyway, it was much quicker stuff than SunO))) later. There were a couple of guests who played the last piece with them, a trombonist and a guitarist. The trombone made some ridiculous sub-bass. All in all a very, very cool performance.

After making us wait through half an hour of crappy thrash metal, the guys in robes finally entered. A bassist, a guitarist, and some guy on a Moog. They played their signature gloomy, bowel-shaking ear-shattering tones, which was captivating for a while, but just made me feel sick after a while.

Thank God Attila came on, moaning and screeching into a microphone. The show was the best, I thought, after Attila put his mask on. He was bowing down in front of the Moog, facing away from the audience for ~10 minutes until he rose up with a mask of the creepiest kind on his face, and gave a loud screech into the microphone, which made us all jump. The atmosphere, the sense of dread, reminded me of how I feel when I listen to Lustmord, except with a feeling of actual physical illness.

Aside from the usual antics of placing the guitar near the speakers and amps, the bassist was rubbing the bass up against a support beam that is on the stage, and actually got it wedged between the support beam and a beam in the ceiling. He left it there and touched something on it occasionally. That was quite cool.

All in all, a really unforgettable show. Eagle Twin was an exploration of a genre which I hadn't much exposure to before, and as it turns out, I quite like. SunO))) just kicked my ass in every way possible. They truly pushed the limits of what can be considered music. I think they're show is more about the atmosphere, achieving a sense of dread and physical response to the music, which the absolutely achieved. If SunO))) is coming through your city, I HIGHLY recommend picking up tickets, it's an experience which you will never forget.

EDIT: Also got to meet Attila, which was awesome (he is a guest touring with SunO))) for those of you who didn't know). He was a very cool guy. We actually saw him walking around, talking to people outside the venue when we were waiting for doors but didn't recognize him! Anyway, we got him to sign some stuff and talked to him. He was very kind and seemed interested in talking about his tour etc... One of my friend brought up Varg, which if you know the story, should be a very, very touchy subject with Attila. However, he was cool about it and told us what he knew. AAA+++++ EXCELLENT VOCALIST WOULD NERVOUSLY CONVERSE WITH AGAIN! That was a great ending to an awesome show.
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Nice write up.
I'll have to check up on Eagle Twin. Just instrumental?

I've always found the robes thing a bit silly, tbh. But musically, sunn O)) are tremendous. I really liked Altar - for me, perhaps their finest. And it has Dylan Carlson on it - I'm a sucker for his stuff...wish he'd take Earth back to Thrones & Dominions days tho.
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Your experience is exactly what I'd hope a Sunn concert would be. Definitely on my "to see" list if just for the experience.

And Altar is a drone masterpiece. Wonderful - an odd word to use, I guess.

[EDIT] Steevie... you didn't like "The Bees Made Honey..."?! Mellow and a bit folksy to be sure, but I thought it was their best, most haunting work to date! One of my favourites in the genre last year for sure.
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steviebee, Eagle Twin has vocals similar to SunnO))). Low and demonic, but intelligible, unlike SunnO))). Eagle Twin is quite hard to find music for, but they do have a myspace.

GlendaleViper, that's what me and my friends said- it's not necessarily about the "music" but for the experience. And I ended up quite enjoying the concert- there were about 15 minutes when I just wanted to leave because I felt quite ill (because of the sound) but it was well worth it to say.
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Originally Posted by GlendaleViper /img/forum/go_quote.gif

And Altar is a drone masterpiece. Wonderful - an odd word to use, I guess.

[EDIT] Steevie... you didn't like "The Bees Made Honey..."?! Mellow and a bit folksy to be sure, but I thought it was their best, most haunting work to date! One of my favourites in the genre last year for sure.

An x2 (3?) on Altar from me. A superb album, 'masterpiece' is about right...

Yep, I liked Bees & you're right, I should spend some more time with it. I just miss the 'old days' - Agni Detonating etc, not to mention the wonder that is Earth 2 - but I liked the progression thru Hex etc (and the limited edition live CD set was brilliant). What did you think of Hibernaculum?

Sorry, slight thread derail here! But as Dylan C was the man who inspired sunn O))), not too major a one I hope...

Edit\ And thx, LL, for the info on Eagle Twin. I'll look them up
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I've never listened to SunnO))) proper, but based on your review I think I'll go see them next month.
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Actually, Sabrage, I had never heard a full track of theirs before I went. There were no breaks at all in the set, so I'm guessing that it was either improvised or they played a full album (set was ~1 1/2 hrs long). I would definitely pick up tickets, especially if Eagle Twin is coming with them.

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