Weird buzzing issue with new DAC
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Jul 28, 2011
So I just got an Audio-gd NFB7 in the mail and I'm having some strange issues with it. My system is PC>NFB7>Master 10>HE-6 or LCD-3. 
When I first set up the NFB7 there was no issue, but as soon as I set it as the default audio device in Windows XP the problem started. 
Basically what happens is I get this strong buzzing effect and really bad sound distortion sometimes. Oddly enough, closing whatever program I'm using to play my music and then restarting it seems to fix it temporarily. It comes back after ~45 mins (this just started happening so I haven't had time to try to see if it does it cue every trime at 45 mins yet)
Any ideas?
EDIT: Setting the DAC as the default audio device definitely seems to be the trigger, the buzzing and super bad audio distortion happens every time I do it. Either that OR it's playing music through Chrome (youtube or tidal) and then going back into Foobar that kicks it off. I can't tell which it is exactly (i.e. isolate the cause) because I can't get sound in Chrome without making the NFB7 the default device. The buzzing occurs both in Foobar and Chrome. I don't think it's time now actually as the problems seem to start when I switch from Foobar to chrome or vice versa. If I close either program and open it up again though it goes away... until I try to play music in the other program.
EDIT2: Ok so it seems the problem occurs if I switch between youtube and tidal within chrome as well... so seems like the trigger is trying to play audio from a new source... What could be causing that? 

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