wear the IE7 when it is raining...
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Jun 22, 2009

I've just ordered the IE7, thanks for the help you gave.

But now I've only one question:

I read on the IE7 apprecation thread that you can't cycle or walk with the IE7 when it is raining, this is caused by the vents.

Is this true, because that isn't a good point.

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Personally, I don't think I would want to wear anything expensive in the rain.
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I was once interested in the IE7. I zoomed in on the Amazon images and saw the vents and laughed. Most brands all make bad decisions/mistakes with their first designs but that one was not well thought out. They are portable phones. Rain/snow/sweat/oils/dirt and debris can get into those even accidentally.
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I emailed Sennheiser USA and this is what they wrote me:

"The vents are actually just cosmetic. There will be no damage done. For exercise, however, we really recommend the CX 380."

Does this mean their advertisement/description saying IE7's have added vents to air out the drivers is false? o_O

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