We Have the Perfect Hobby ....
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.... For social distancing. Stay healthy, everyone!


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Now we can listen to our content with our favorite headphones and audio systems. I'm so happy and gratefull I developed this audiophile hobby lol
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When I worked in the office, we constantly listened to pop or 90s rock, but the home environment changed my preferences dramatically. Replaced calm music, which allows you to escape from the madness that is happening in the world, and works productively or just relax at home. The Home Chill playlist is what you need for all freelancers and just isolated in their homes.

I'm Looking for World Music Recommendations and Books for Reading!
what love mean to me
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I just joined Disney Plus which is their movie streaming service. I gotta admit, I love it !

I’m one of those odd people who never really saw Disney movies as a child so now I am discovering all these old classics now.

Now during the pandemic I can see all these old classic movies I never got to see as a kid and they are awesome!

I just saw Fantasia (1940 Disney musical classic) listening on Sennheiser HD 650. How sweet to discover these treasures !

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