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Discussion in 'Music' started by dbaker1981, Jul 19, 2016.
  1. dbaker1981
    Hi. I was wondering everyone's suggestions for places to purchase CD quality music. Places like iTunes are not cd quality and I cannot for the life of me find any other than the better than cd quality sites which have there options limited by the record companies. Tia
  2. god-bluff
    I use Qobuz. Much better value (at least in Europe)and a more user friendly than Hd Tracks etc.

    I particularly love the way you own the music. You can download your purchases as many times and in any format on to any device of your choosing. You can also stream via their app.Some sites only alow one downloads only.

    Having said that I only use this if it is cheaper than CD or in Hi Res for similar money. Mainly buy CD as you can rip them and sell them if you wish. Try selling a download. :joy:
  3. Music Alchemist

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