Watches - another passion of ours, it your pics!
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Hold on...did you say badminton?

Badminton, indeed. Check this nice rally out (admittedly they are superhuman players, but you get the idea...


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My first automatic. I've only had quartz before. Perhaps not as exquisite or as exclusive as some of the other watches in this thread, but I'm happy with it.


Mine uses the 7S26B movement, which is almost identical to this version 'A' pic.

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I've loved reading over this thread seeing different styles and preferences though I've never ever liked wearing a watch.

I always manage to snag them on things. The most I would ever wear one is just as an accessory for dressy occasions.
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Does any one know what the difference is, between 21 and 27 jewels? (Please don't say 6...I don't wanna have to track you down and bust a cap in your butt).
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I have a question. No offence to anyone who owns one but what is the point in buying a $1000+ watch? I have a $30 timex that keeps perfect time (it is less than a minute off in a year) I personally like the simple style of it better than those IMO overly complicated high end watches.

So why do you pay so much money for a watch?
Is it only the look?
Do you buy it just because of the name?

Again I am not trying to offend anyone with this post I simply don't understand the point of a more expensive watch.
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If you have to ask, then watch buying/collecting is not for you. It has to be in your blood, like, listening to the blues. It has to move you, deep down inside.

The same can be said for a nice car. Any car that runs will get you where you're going.
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Why buy a Ferrari when a Corvette Z06 offers similar performance for a fraction of the cost?
Why stay at the Wynn Las Vegas when the Comfort Inn also offers a bed to sleep on?
Why would you buy a 8,000 square foot house when a 1,800 square foot house will hold you, your wife and two kids?

There is more to the watches here than meets the eye. The materials used, the process in which they are made, the history behind the companies that make these timepieces, etc.

I don't think anyone here would be offended, but I'm sure you can look at the way you live and see that you have something that would get a "why the hell would you spend that kind of money on that?" reaction. We all do, its nature, we all want "cool" things.

BTW, I am getting rid of my Rolex Sea Dweller to fund a new "hotness". Hopefully I will have it soon and post pics.
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Originally Posted by slick /img/forum/go_quote.gif

BTW, I am getting rid of my Rolex Sea Dweller to fund a new "hotness". Hopefully I will have it soon and post pics.

Any hint on what it is?
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Originally Posted by MuZI /img/forum/go_quote.gif
Any hint on what it is?

I have seen a bunch already in this thread, and lets just say, they are big!
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Does any one know what the difference is, between 21 and 27 jewels?

The jewels refer to the synthethic rubies (red coloured stones that can be seen through cases with open case backs) that serve to reduce friction (like ball bearings) and provide a very small degree of shock absorption at critical pivot points in the movement.

It has NO bearing on the quality of the movement. More jewels do not mean that one watch is better than another.

The less complicated a watch is, the smaller the number of jewels needed.

A basic 3 hand watch that just tells time will likely have less jewels than a chronograph (watch with a stopwatch built in) which has more moving parts.
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Here are pics of the Breitling Aerospace I bought a couple months ago...


I think it has one of the coolest looking and distinctive dials of any watch around. The watch certainly exudes a high-tech look. Since it is made of titanium, it feels light as a feather. My mid-sized Omega Seamaster Chronometer feels like a lead weight compared to it. I'm a research scientist and the countdown timer/chronograph actually comes in handy to time experiments.

It has a thermo-compensated quartz movement. From what I've read, this means it has a temp sensor inside that adjusts for the effects of temperature on the quartz mechanism. It's suppose to be accurate to within 10 secs PER YEAR. Pretty nifty.

As to the other poster's question as to why buy expensive watches. To me, it is the same reason people buy any other "luxury" item, be it watches, cars, clothes, etc...styling, craftsmanship, and exclusivity. Even though I don't brag about my watches to other, I still get a sense of pride wearing an expensive finely crafted watch when most others just wear cheap plastic watches.

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