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Watches - another passion of ours, it seems...post your pics!

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  1. joseph69
    Thank you!
    Yes, it's almost as if the sub should be offered with this strap. I see Rolex offers this Cosmograph Daytona with their patented 'Oysterflex' bracelet.

    That's a beautiful watch.
    I would very much like to own one some day.
  2. mikey1964
    My last watch purchase, I'd always wanted a Tag Heuer, an Omega and a Longines in my collection, today I managed to finally scratch that itch for a Longines.....a Hydro Conquest 41mm Auto.
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  3. Tinnitus Man
    Very nice indeed.
  4. SeaWo|f
    After excepting an offer I couldn't refuse on my DSSD I was expecting to be down to my Panerai and g shock for some time while assessing exactly what I wanted next.

    But the wife continues to be a bad influence in my life. She saw me checking out pics of this and decided it has a nice look, not entirely pleased that my watch dealer ignored my standing order not to let her buy me anything.

    Either way, quite pleased with the piece and he always comes through on the pricing. Normally not a fan of two tone yellow gold but the way it's used here is quite understated.

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  5. Focux
    Japanese and Swiss

  6. Tinnitus Man
    Someone else likes Rubber-B....
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  7. Whazzzup
    :wink: 56DA9248-3A30-45D0-8BDF-FF943BAE6019.jpeg
  8. Tinnitus Man

    This is about as "smart" as I'm comfortable with for now.
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  9. SeaWo|f
    Every watch collector or enthusiast who is active needs a gshock. I wear mine for all activities that would vibrate a mechanical movement apart(UTV, Dirtbike) or where the watch might get bashed into rocks(rafting, mountain biking).
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  10. Audio-Omega
    Is Casio MTG B1000 worth the money ?
  11. SeaWo|f
    It's a watch with a nice feel to it, much nicer than a standard gshock and they have great features. Size on it is a challenge for me; this is a big determining factor if you are going to actually do the things these watches are interned to accompany for..

    Look in the right places and the b1000 can be had for a very substantial discount.
  12. Tinnitus Man
    Yes, and no. I have the MTG 1000S and the latest Bluetooth Gravitymaster, and the B1000 is a blend of the two. I love all of my g-shocks, but whether the B1000 is good for you is another matter.

    The Bluetooth movement is pretty cool in that you don't need to consult the manual to work out what combination of buttons to press to get something working. However, the vast majority of the time, I don't need those other functions. There's an irony that you can use your smartphone to configure those functions on your watch, but your smartphone can do all of those functions and more, and be more user-friendly doing them.

    Having said that, the build quality of the higher g-shock models is fantastic, and the B model is slightly smaller.

    I was looking at the B1000 some time ago, but the cost put me off. Instead I bought the older 1000S that has a similar look, but a lot less expensive. The Bluetooth module, while cool, isn't compelling.
  13. Audio-Omega
    Where are those right places ?

    Yes, the older MTGs are nice too.
  14. SeaWo|f
    I shoot for national chain department stores during seasonal or holiday sales.

    The national Jewry store chains might be a good opportunity too, but I have never bought from one of them.

    33% off my current one.

    You can get lucky with ebay or Amazon.
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  15. mrhero
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